OK, Team USA just beat Finland 114-55 (box). Someone hasn’t taken such a beating since I destroyed Sam in one-on-one at the RR tournament.

DeRozan went 1-6 for 5 points and went 3-4 from the stripe with 4 assists and three steals. He missed an open corner three to start, and then did some ball-handling where he facilitated PnRs and got a couple assists. Got a bit of run in the fourth quarter with the game well in hand, and executed one of those step-in twos which he clanked. He also tried a lob pass which went south.

On one instance, he got killed by a screen (no communication on it) and had a late contest which led to FTs. He tried another lob to Drummond, which despite being of sub-par quality, was finished off by Drummond. I thought he made some pretty sweet runs in transition but was looked off, with teammates opting to shoot threes, since this became an exhibition game quite fast. To cap his night he missed an open corner jumper.

All in all, he wasn’t really needed and his dribbles looked better, and he appeared to be a willing passer in two-man situations. He’s still looking to drive and get to the line, but is measuring up his move more carefully then before, and using his dribble to set up his attack a bit better.

That’s all I got.

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8 Responses to “DeRozan scores 6 points in USA’s 114-55 Rout of Finland”

  1. Chuck Johnson

    It would have been nice if he had knocked down a few more of the open looks that he got. The FIBA 3 should be easy for him. Also I didn’t really see him use his dribble to get better looks for himself. You could tell he was exerting a lot of energy on defense, however he positioning was sometimes suspect. His play-making ability has come a long way since a few years ago.

  2. Mexiballer

    I thought he looked a little tight, he was making quite a few mistakes. He’ll loosen up now that that one is out of the way.

  3. GoingBig

    Not as smooth as butter – but a lot of attention was paid to his defensive tasks.
    He was off the ball a lot more than usual (duh)

    His strengths are best shown against tighter defences – though he did manage a twirl-around jumper under pressure.
    Getting to the foul line – he can check that off his list of skills learned.

    I think with the coaching crew the USA has, he should get a very good breakdown of what he’s doing from others rather than Casey.

    • ckh26

      Agree with your last parapgraph whole heartedly.
      However the FIBA tourney turns out in terms of wins / lossess and courtime for DD, the different views and input he gets from the USA coaching staff is going to be highly beneficial to Demar.
      Either hearing the same defensive concept again from Coach K that he hears from Casey or getting a different view on posiitoning from Boheim or Thibodeau will be of personal value to him come this season.

  4. Wes mantooth

    Watched the turkey game today. I’ve noticed so far that when DD is in the game he has great chemistry with drose and clay Thompson. He often finds clay for 3 and drose definitely looks for him. The other thing I noticed even from the scrimmage all D’s turnovers occur when trying to involve plumlee.

    • A_Magic_Head

      It’s good that he’s becoming more of a fasilitator so hopefully he will look for Jonas and Ross more often.

  5. Imperial

    I mean game vs Finland. Sincerly…who cares? It’s a game against mediocre team (no offense intended) and…well in short – you can’t make any conclusions from this game. When team will be under pressure (like vs Turkey), then yeah…you can start drawing some cunclusions.


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