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Jose can you see? Pre-game: Raptors vs. Mavericks



Jose Calderon and the hot-shooting Mavericks are in town to see if the Raptors are still giving away free wins.

The Jersey Rules


raptors jersey

Purchasing a pro game jersey is a difficult adult choice to justify. You’re paying as much as $200 to say to the world, “I really, really like this person I don’t know!” I’m not saying that I don’t support the notion on some level. I own jerseys myself and will probably continue to spend a   …Continue Reading

Amir Johnson: Not a Mere Johnson


Greg Stiemsma; Amir Johnson

We Toronto fans are an emotional bunch. The cold weather has us upset, inside and in front of the television all winter; emotionally investing in our teams more than a healthily adjusted human being probably ought to.

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