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Although not reassuring, a win is a win


Kyrie Irving

Bargnani gets helped up after taking one for the team. Bobcats 86, Raptors 93 Club under scrutiny. The Mitchell-haters must’ve almost been hoping for a Raptors loss which would’ve given them plenty of ammunition to come hard at the head coach – not that they won’t as things stand. A home win over the Bobcats   …Continue Reading

Raptors vs Bobcats – It’s Time…


Kyrie Irving

It’s time to step up and be men. It’s time to show some pride. It’s time for heart and character to shine through. Dramatic I know, but the chips are down, and these are the moments that separate the men from the boys. When everyone is healthy and the shots are falling, it is easy   …Continue Reading

Today, Tomorrow, and The Leap between


Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Toronto Raptors 89, Charlotte Bobcats 79 An ugly game in an empty stadium on a lazy Sunday adds up to a win against a team we should have beat. No surprises here except for Jamario grabbing 9 boards. We got destroyed yet again by the guard penetration of Augustin and Felton, the former looking particularly   …Continue Reading

Looking ahead to the Jordcats


Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

The only people that were happy when the Thunder nickname was decided upon were the Bobcats. Now there could be a serious debate about the worst named team in the league. The game’s at 1PM today and is the second of three on this roadtrip before we finish off in Boston or Monday. You can   …Continue Reading

Raps beat ‘Cats to avenge earlier embarrassment



Toronto Raptors 104, Charlotte Bobcats 100 That was an extremely hard fought win which required our starters to play capacity minutes, anything less from them would’ve meant a loss. Chris Bosh, Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon and Rasho Nesterovic logged 46, 41, 36 and 28 minutes, respectively, as Sam Mitchell’s hand was forced by the ineffectiveness   …Continue Reading

Need more reason to hate Darrick Martin?



Charlotte Bobcats 79, Toronto Raptors 98 Darrick Martin just gave us another small little reason to hate him. He did the “professional” thing and left the score frozen at 98 when the fans were chanting “Pizza, Pizza” louder than they were “Let’s go Raptors” all evening. The pizza situation was the only one in question   …Continue Reading

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