Kyrie Irving

Hopefully There Wont be a Swirsky Tribute

Grab the Opening-Tip: The ‘Please Don’t Trade for Hughes’ Edition. And you learn what Luol Deng and Arsenalist have in common. With the specter of Swirky’s return looming over this one, I have been dreading this match-up for fear of the Raptors having some sort of cheesy tribute to the guy. I wasn’t a fan…he… Read more »


Chuck, what took so long?

There’s not many reasons to interrupt a vacation but Chuck Swirsky quitting the Raptors is one of them. Believe it or not my first reaction to the news was, “Oh, no!”. That was the emotional me talking, the one that likes to hang on to old t-shirts with holes and stains that came from God… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

It’s Friday and time for another Raptors weekend

Digesting the Atlanta loss hasn’t been easy. Al Horford’s claims that he nipped the ball on it’s way to Ford is probably the card the NBA’s going to play in denying our appeal. Regardless of whether he nipped it or not, the NBA’s got the reasonable doubt it’s been looking. Plus, we did blow a… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Clueless 4th quarter stretch kills Raptors in Sacramento

Toronto Raptors 100, Sacramento Kings 106 The first three quarters were marred by stretches of bad defense, spotty offense, turnovers and generally speaking, some low quality basketball on both ends. Both teams were thankful that the other hadn’t blown them out so the fourth quarter began with the Kings nursing a three point lead and… Read more »


Sunday *boilk* – Bosh return imminent + What’s a #1 pick?

Good news, Chris Bosh is aiming for a Wednesday return against Miami. He’ll avoid the roadtrip and will likely give it a shot against a Miami team that wouldn’t shock anybody if they go winless the rest of the season. Yes, they’re that bad. Some words of warning: Bosh’s return will naturally be followed by… Read more »


What a disgrace!

Toronto Raptors 105, Denver Nuggets 137 My puke bucket was full midway through the first quarter. After suffering through a few more minutes of watching the Raptors get their ass absolutely spanked by the Nuggets, Jack Armstrong dropped a gem, and I’m pseudo-quoting: If your plan is to outscore teams and you start playing the… Read more »


TJ Ford, villain or hero?

Toronto Raptors 106, Golden State Warriors 117 Good fightback by the Raps but in the end it’s awfully hard to beat the Warriors at their own game. We fought valiantly but came up just a few chucks short of pulling a memorable victory at the Oracle. The Warriors just wouldn’t miss, they shot a blitzkrieg-like… Read more »

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Payback’s a bitch

San Antonio Spurs 93, Toronto Raptors 88 “Let’s just say the language was PG.” That was the phrase used to describe Bosh’s demeanor in the third quarter by Rod Black who hasn’t figured out the motion picture rating scale just yet. When this was reported out of the huddle by the extraordinary journalist, the Raptors… Read more »


Phoenix West beats Phoenix East (kinda, sorta, not really)

Toronto Raptors 103, Phoenix Suns 122 I can deal with this loss because I wasn’t expecting us to win, if we can’t beat Seattle we definitely won’t be able to beat Phoenix the day after. That would be like finishing Drake’s Fortune on the Hard level right after you got your ass handed to you… Read more »