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A 7 point 4th quarter lead on the road needs to be valiantly protected, not Darrick Martinized!



Toronto Raptors 96, Portland Trailblazers 101 This one hurt real bad. It hurt bad because we had a chance to win it and should have won it. We shot ourselves in the foot by playing bad fourth quarter defense and not putting our best players on the court at the right time. The momentum of   …Continue Reading

Need more reason to hate Darrick Martin?



Charlotte Bobcats 79, Toronto Raptors 98 Darrick Martin just gave us another small little reason to hate him. He did the “professional” thing and left the score frozen at 98 when the fans were chanting “Pizza, Pizza” louder than they were “Let’s go Raptors” all evening. The pizza situation was the only one in question   …Continue Reading

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