Bottoms up, Raps luck one out in the 4th

Like so many times this year, the Toronto Raptors pulled out a game at home that they probably shouldn’t have. Yes, they got lucky on St. Patrick’s day at the end, but for a while it looked like they’d had a few brews at halftime, laying down another clunker in the third quarter.


Gameday: Raptors vs Warriors – Mar 13/10

On paper we win this, but on paper we should’ve also won against Philadelphia and Sacramento. It’s a matchup of the third and fourth highest scoring teams, and the worst and third-worst defensive teams. The Warriors have 17 wins on the season and have lost six straight by an average of 10.2 points.


TrueHoop Network 2009-10 Preview: Raptors

The Crystal Ball Crowd says: 41-41 RR says: 44-38 Yes we can! The Raptors headed into the off season with little hope of improving the roster with the chips they had to play with, but a man by the name of Steve Fruitman did some math and boom! Suddenly they had their midlevel exception, veteran’s… Read more »