Raps @ Grizz: Foregone Conclusion

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I remember they used to have this thing called the “James Naismith Cup” which they gave to the winner of a Raps/Grizzlies pre-season contest. Thrilling stuff really and probably the most meaningful pre-season games ever played – they handed out a trophy for God’s sakes. There were heated battles where Big Country would try invainly to justify his contract and with each blown layup and awkard looking shot, Brian Hill got an inch shorter. This is just some of the stirring nostalgia that seems to come over me as I watch the Raps and Grizzlies play.

Have you ever been to a movie where you already know the ending but you continue to watch? That’s what tonight’s 94-88 Grizzlies conquest seemed like. Give some credit to the Raps for playing some competitive ball but the lack of interior defense, bad rotational defense and some questionable coaching ended up being too much to overcome.

Chris Bosh had a nice little game but when it came down to the wire, he shot an airball from 16ft. All in all, an efficient and professional night from Commodore Bosh couldn’t save the Raps. What might have lost the game for the Dinos is Mitchell’s indecision whether or not to double team Gasol. I didn’t get a good view but I could swear I saw Mitchell with a coin in his hand flipping it every time Gasol touched the ball. I think heads meant to double.

The Grizz blew about 5 wide open layups, the primary culprit being Hakim Warrick who did his best Jerome Williams impersonation by getting absolutely boggled as to how to lay the ball in if you’re completely wide open right under the basket.

You ever see those pictures which mean two different things – maybe an old woman or a young girl depending on how you perceive of things or how many pints you’ve had? Here’s one of those statements: Eddie Jones is a ghost of his former self. Seriously, I think he’s losing PT to Hakim Warrick. EJ6 did make amends by burrying the dagger that sealed the night.

Good to see Mike Fratello on the sidelines. Everytime I see him, I think of Terrell Brandon and the Cavs winning games 65-63 and the Czar calling it a “great offensive night”. Simply priceless.

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