Game Day: Knicks come to town

It used to be that you’d circle the Knicks coming to town when the schedule came out, now it’s an after-thought even on game day. Coming off the Detroit win, this should be a walk in the park for any playoff team (East or West) but we’ll see if the Raptors can match their intensity, effort and intelligence from the Detroit game against a lesser opponent. Isiah Thomas doesn’t even care about winning at this point, it’s all about developing whatever talent the Knicks have and showcasing the vets for a trade or two in the offseason.

“It’s tough when you’re trying to balance developing young players at the expense of sometimes giving veteran guys minutes who’ve been around for a long time. Particularly at the end of the season when the games, you don’t have a chance to make the playoffs but yet the guys are still able to maintain their focus.”

It’s finally occurred to Dave Feschuk that TJ Ford might be “wearing out his welcome”. The ill-timed article couldn’t be more speculative, other than quoting Colangelo from the Phoenix game, it’s nothing more than opinion. The open criticism of TJ Ford along with waving him goodbye is coming after he’s had a stretch of some pretty solid games against Detroit, Denver and Cleveland. But when Ford was struggling on the West coast trip, pieces which were packing the bags for him were nowhere to be found.

Is he on the outs with the Raptors? Possibly and maybe likely, but it’s got nothing to do with him wearing out his welcome, his talent level or his attitude. If he’ll leave it’ll be because Colangelo doesn’t think his style of play is suited for a team with our finesse personnel. This is a subject of open debate. What’s a little deppresing is that just when there’s something positive happening, the media shits on it.

The Globe chimed in with it’s two cents finally saying what fans on the Calderon side of the TJ-Jose debate have been thinking for quite some time. Nice reporting!

The Raptors signed Linton Johnston yesterday and cut Darrick Murray Martin. Except that Martin is still with the team on some level, the level where he sits on the bench and tries to give advice to PGs that are at the earliest stages of their career, ten-folds better than what Martin ever was. Is this signing supposed to have a purpose other than give Maceo Baston and Joey Graham some company? The stats aren’t even that bad given the minutes, if he can grab a couple rebounds here and there, he’s already done more than Martin ever did for us.

Motivation needs to come from two directions for the Raptors: 1) Stave of Philly and 2) Get some momentum going in to the playoffs. The current form of a team is always more important than their overall record when it comes to the playoffs. You think Orlando wants a Philly matchup? They want to play us as bad as we want to play them. If we can go 8-3 in our remaining 11 games, it would be an ideal end to an inconsistent season and would give us the confidence that’s a must when entering the tournament. If we “back in” to the playoffs, it hardly matters who we play in the first round.

Here’s some more of today’s media. Let’s get an easy win tonight.

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