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I need help

Only the Denver game that “cost” Smitch his job was by a larger margin. At what point will the rhetoric and idiocy about the playoffs stop? Sure they are 5.5 games out of 8th spot, but what has happened this season that has certain idiots suggesting the playoffs? 21-36 seem like a record of a team that is playoff worthy? The answer is no. The team has has two 3-game win streaks so far, but has endured 5, 6 and 7 game losing streaks. How fortunate for us.

Friday saw the Raptors get sodomized by the Knicks. Wilson Chandler had a career game on us, 32 points. 32. I am sick of lower tier players running a train on the Raptors. For once, I wish that game was on TSN2, because I would have enjoyed watching 2 girls and a cup more.

Camel Toe anyone?

Sunday has the Knicks rolling into the ACC for the second of a home-and-home, and instead of breaking down the match-ups and the regular bit, I am just going to go through what the Raptors need to do to win:

  1. Pray
  2. Study some tape
  3. Read the scouting reports
  4. Run through screens, not under them
  5. Don’t switch
  6. Stay between Lee and backboards at all times
  7. Play Joey on Chandler and have him throw his weight around
  8. Play Marion more then 28 minutes
  9. Keep Nate away from Bosh
  10. Hope the NBA reinstates Tim Donaghy and he lays big on the Raptors

I would like to present to you Sierra, our feature Knicks cheerleader. Aside from giving us camel toe, she played a hostage in an upcoming Denzel movie, and is a believer in exploring every angle of a situation. If only BC would have done the same in the summer, we still would have had Maceo at the end of the bench keeping Hibbert company instead of Jawai  offending our basketball sensibilities.

I have the spread at Knicks 3.5. It should be a much more exciting game as the Raptors will be motivated, but the Raps don’t learn their lessons, and Nate will nail a trey at the buzzer to break our heart yet again.

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Free Ukic (keep Banks, OH’Bryant and Voshkul with the Gatorade)!

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