Roll Call

Roll Call – Feb 24 vs Timberwolves

The “anybody ever hear of this Carney kid” edition

Banks – back spasms. didn’t play. wouldn’t have cared if he did.

Bargnani – sweeter than tiramisu. smoother than maple syrup. as handsome as a mountie. He was running hard, he was slamming, he was laying up, he swore when he missed a chippy. Only thing missing was him chestbumping the mascot.

Bosh – horrible start and then Cardinal happened. His little tussle with Cardinal seemed to zippo his play and Bosh never looked back. According to our talking heads, he still isn’t there yet, but I’ll take it.

Calderon – solid game except for a brutal mid-4th filled with bonehead plays. You know it’s bad when Triano is yelling at you when you are one of the sacred children on this team. Still, I was impressed with his active hands tonight and his willingness to give the ball up.

Graham – you think that Great Joey we saw a few weeks ago has gone away for hibernation? He had a good game tonight but, again, nothing to stand out. Right now he is like that one pistachio nut that you can’t quite get at because you can’t open the shell. Frustrating.

Humphries – chillin.

Jawai – cashing a nice cheque in a horrible economy.

Kapono – guess he and Jay are back on the "let Kap purge” diet. He’s throwing the ball up any chance he can get. Hell, he even went for a defensive board in traffic tonight. His shooting percentage took a hit, but I like him back in that role.

Marion – his first night off as a Raptor. Pretty much a non-factor, which was surprising to me since he was up against Mike Miller for a good chunk of the game. I appreciate Mike’s game, but you would think Marion would make him work. I wouldn’t say Marion looked disinterested, but you have to wonder if he isn’t already getting a bit ticked at being looked off so much. Roko had a clear path to a wide open Marion under the bucket and nothing came of it. Disappointing.

O’Bryant – Primoz Brezec v2.0

Parker – 24..7…6…welcome back, young gent. Have to wonder if the opposition being forced to pay attention to Marion is benefitting our troubled under-the-radar AP. Of course we’ve seen him string a few good games together in the past and it will be tough to continue this string given the competition coming up, but maybe the new blood is infectious.

Ukic – six shots that amounted to what his career will be in 4 years: nothing. Thank heavens Jose has played well the past 2 games because, when he doesn’t, to think that Yoko will be our next best is just…..numbing.

Voskuhl – curious……when he plays a basketball game on his Playstation, do you think he ever subs himself in off the bench?

Driving The Bus:   Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:    Roko Ukic

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