Top Ten signs your team isn’t very good

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From the RR home office in Athabasca, Alberta, here’s today’s Top Ten List. The category is Top Ten signs your team isn’t very good.

  1. Your starting center’s averaging just over 5 rebounds a game and everybody’s OK with it.
  2. Most of the city can’t watch more than a third of the games but management doesn’t seem to care.
  3. When somebody calls out “screen left” to your starting point guard he takes it to mean that the guy who called it will take care of his man from this point out.
  4. You have a three-point shooter that doesn’t shoot threes.
  5. The coach is the most intense guy on the team.
  6. Your superstar stares down the camera after beating Memphis at home and the team follows it up by losing 7 straight.
  7. The team signs Pops Mensah-Bonsu and he’s a massive upgrade over anyone you had on the bench.
  8. You start getting nostalgic about the “good ‘ol Babcock days”.
  9. A Croatian rookie with an ugly shot and a suspect handle is referred to as “the future”.

…and the #1 sign your team isn’t very good…drum roll….

  1. You’re 14th in a 15 team conference.

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