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To get a taste of what Jarrett Jack could bring to the Raptors I spoke with Tom Lewis, the main blogger over at Indy Cornrows. He saw Jarrett Jack play all 82 games for the Pacers last year and we talk about his character, his defensive make-up, what he brings offensively and what Raptors fans should expect from the man Colangelo has spent the prized MLE on. He also tells us how much Jack is valued by the Pacers and their chances to match the contract, he also sheds some light on how he might help rookie DeMar DeRozan out. We also talk about ex-Raptors Roy Hibbert (technically speaking) and Rasho Nesterovic who he loves but doesn’t figure to be in the Pacers long-term plans. If you want to preview what Jack will bring, this is a must-listen podcast.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the play button below or directly in iTunes. If you’re on a mobile device you may download the file (8.8MB).


Thanks again to Tom for dropping some knowledge. There’s a bullet-point summary of the podcast after the jump:

  • The Pacers would like to match the deal and if they hadn’t signed Dahntay Jones, they would’ve. If the offersheet was around 3.8M the Pacers would match but 5M is too rich for them.
  • Jack can hold his own against SG’s by using his strength. to keep them out of the paint. He has had trouble with players shooting over him but at least he keeps them out of their comfort range. Overall, he’s a great team-defender.
  • Jack came off the bench last year in Indiana but when T.J Ford got injured he solidified his role as the starting PG and when Ford returned, Jack retained his starting job.
  • He’s a streak shooter who surprised many with his outside shooting (35% 3FG and 45% FG). He doesn’t settle for the jumper but is confident when given the space.
  • He’s a great character guy and he gives Jack the majority of the credit in setting the T.J Ford dispute right.
  • He helped out rookie Brandon Rush a lot with his struggles and could also mentor DeMar DeRozan.
  • Jack hasn’t shown a real post-up game in Indiana but that could be because of Indiana’s style of play, not his inability to do so.
  • He can become turnover prone when asked to create on his own consistently but overall he’s a solid floor-general that can run a team’s offense.
  • He played 33+ minutes in Indiana which is one of the reasons he averaged 3.3 turnovers. He’s ideally a 22-25 minute guy and if he’s restricted to that he will do well.
  • Jack likes to throw his 197 lbs around and shooting guards feel him when they’re defended by him. Although lacking the size at 6′ 3″, he doesn’t give up anything easy.
  • He prefers to drive than shoot and has a bullish way of getting into the paint when he needs to.
  • He has some quickness issues and is susceptible to be taken advantage of by quicker guards as he himself doesn’t have the lateral quickness to consistently defend smaller, quicker point guards.
  • The Pacers love Rasho Nesterovic but can’t afford to re-sign him and prefer giving time to Roy Hibbert who figures more prominently in their future plans.
  • Danny Granger’s knee injury is not serious and not looked at as a cause for concern by the Pacers.
  • They still love the Jermaine O’Neal deal.


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