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Tip is at 8pm.


No Rick Kamla…already a plus.

Davis gets the start tonight, as does Nichols. POB Ukic and DeRozan round it  out.

O’Bryant continues to rely on the outside jumper.

DeRozan off to a slow start. Missed a wide open shot and now an unforced turnover.

Ukic playing well thus far. Attacking the rim, playing with more energy than the first 2 games.

Toronto needs to attack Portland since it’s their first SL game.

Bayless with a beautiful lob for a dunk.

Raptors have no defensive stance down low. Portland attacking at will.

Bayless with 3 assists in 5 min, Cunningham 8 points.

O’Bryant leads Raptors scorers with 4 pts, Portland up 11-6

Bayless, please meat Roko Ukic….he will be your bitch for the night.

I know you will find this shocking, but almost every trip down the floor, the Raptors are settling for outside shots.

Pendergraph with a NASTY putback off the offensive board.

Portland up 17-9, 3:39left.

Douby in for Ukic. Angels sing, nymphs dance.

Petway attempts a dunk but is fouled on his way to the rim. Would have been nasty if he had hit it.

Steal by Douby, pass to Petway in traffic for the dunk. Raptors close the gap to 17-12.

DeRozan drives and finally lays one in for his first points of the game, 9 minutes in.

Taggart pulls down the board on the defensive end and nails the outside jumper on the other. 19-18 Portland.

Wow, the defenders in the key for the Raptors open up like Paris Hilton at the Sky Bar.

End of 1: Toronto 20, Portland 19

Taggart finally lays some lumber on the Blazers at the start of the second quarter.

Taggart promptly outhustles 3 Blazers on the offensive end as well and scores the rock.

Douby with the nice shake on Bayless, but misses the gimme.

Bayless is just insane. Nice cuts and always with the head up.

Nichols with a bad foul on a 3pt shot.

Portland up 29-22, 8min left in the 2nd.

Taggart with another jumper.  Pops who?

DeRozan doesn’t close out his man, giving up an easy jumper.

Douby attacks for the and-1. Amazing since it appears his feet are actually longer than his legs. Bizarre.

Douby does exactly the same thing again..attacks the hoop for an and-1. Misses it, but forces a turnover and it’s back to the Raptors.

DeRozan passes well out of traffic then follows a shot for the tip-in

32-31 Toronto, 6min left in the 2nd.

Commentators are tearing O’Bryant a new bunghole. Critical of his lack of hustle and effort.

Ukic’s alley oop attempt to DeRozan is broken up.

Nichols runs the break but no Raptors are with him, so has to pull up.  Flashes of last year. Next trip down the floor he hits the outside jumper with ease.

O’Bryant has absolutely no lift. None. I have more when I reach for the cookies.

Roko and Nichols run a nice screen and pop. Ukic hits the 3 and then commits a foul.

Roko looks like he is taking this Bayless bitchslap to heart again. Raising the bar a bit.

Toronto up 43-42.

Roko has travelled 3 times already and has only been called for it once.

Full court pressure by the Blazers. In summer league. Wow.

Now a double technical. Man. Is there a trophy on the line??

DeRozan with a nice dish to Ibekwe who is fouled hard from behind and taken to the floor. All Raptors go to his aid, something missing from the team last year.

Roko to Petway who had a wide open lane, stretching the Raptors lead to 4 in the waning seconds of the 2nd quarter.

Ukic misses a deep 3 and Petway barely misses the putback at the buzzer.

End of 2nd: Toronto 48 Portland 46

Leaders: O Bryant 8pts, Taggart/Davis/DeRozan 3 Rebounds, Douby 3asts

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out: Bayless 15pt/4ast, Cunningham 14pts 3boards.

If defence wins games, this should be a blowout for the Blazers.

Raptors and Ukic running the break much better in the early 2nd half.

POB does a poor job of making himself available for the pass. It’s almost like he doesn’t want it.

If the Raptors are playing lockdown D in the paint, then Bayless has stolen the combination.

DeRozan grabs the defensive board and goes coast to coast, drawing contact and the foul. Nice play.

Roko attacks, draws the double, dishes to POB for the dunk. There all night, for the record.

58-56 Toronto, 4min left in the 3rd.

Nice steal and bounce pass by Roko, ruined by the inability to finish.

Petway with a poor foul on Cunningham putting the Blazers at the line for the chance to take the lead.

O’Bryant has committed 2 goaltends and one in-the-cylinders….

Once again, DeRozan has settled down immensely in the second half.

Douby is playing hard for a roster spot. His passion and desire is everything that Roko needed to show up with and didn’t.

One thing with DeRozan: he really needs to work on his close-out. Flashes of Jamario Moon.

First really bad possession by Douby results in an easy bucket for Portland and the lead at the end of the 3rd

Portland 66 Toronto 64 end of 3rd

Douby with a spot up 3 in transition. Sexy.

This game has become ugly pretty quick. It’s like watching a pick up game at your local catholic highschool…..for girls.

Toronto up 75-69, 7min left

Alex English calls DeMar aggressive, happy with that. Needs work on his jumper, great job running the floor. Changing his game to answer defensive pressure will be key. DeMar doesn’t need to shoot 3s to be a difference maker. 

Alex says Douby is a real hard worker and has been busting his hump in Vegas.

Alex thinks we will be a factor in the east. Hedo is a great addition to the starting lineup.  We are contenders if we put the work in. Triano did a great job of explaining what needed to be done in the last part of the season, hence the improvement and 10-6 run.

NBA cut handchecking out to allow the offensive player be more entertaining, unlike in Alex’s era. The game was more creative in his day on the offensive end.

Coaches look for certain things from each player in summer league. Most coaching is on the defensive end.

Need POB to block shots and be more aggressive. Want to see him be a force and he could be instrumental if he works hard. He doesn’t have the stamina as yet though.

Smush is being used to show the younger guys how to run things. He has the night off tonight to let the other guys play some big minutes.

Wants to see Roko take over a game like Jose does. He needs to manage the game better. Has improved his 3pt shot over the summer.

DeRozan is a solid kid and will put his time in. He will be a big plus, a nice kid, a sponge. Doesn’t make the same mistakes twice.

Roko shot 18% from 3 last year, but his confidence is much higher this summer. Needs to just shoot. Spent a lot of time on his technique. Used to shoot coming down on the shot, but now shoots going up, a vast improvement.

It takes commitment to run the ball. Must also play a great defensive transition game to be successful. 

POB misses a dunk…badly.

Pendergraph dunks over POB and does a little posing.

Douby hits another long distance three ball.

Raptors up 88-78, 1:40 left.

Petway commits a blocking foul by clearly standing in the semi-circle

Portland using intense pressure with a minute left.

Raptors shooting over 50% from the floor. 50 points in the paint.

Attacking the rim and running the break so much better in the second half…like night and day.

Raptors having great trouble with pressure D at the end of the fourth. Very disjointed.

Raptors win 92-87

Douby entering 4th season concentrating by playing the point. Looking for his own shot and also to pass. Douby is turning the corner. Loves the game, won’t give up on himself and wants to show he deserves to stay. Hard in Sacramento having 3 coaches. Triano more patient and is giving him confidence and the passion to work.


Douby 20pts

Douby 5 assists

DeRozan 6 boards

DeRozan played 34 min, O’Bryant 29, Ukic 24, Nichols 24.

Toronto had 17 turnovers, 8 steals, 32 boards (12 offensive), were 13/21 from the line and 3 of 8 from 3.

Portland had 19 turnovers, 9 steals, 35 boards (13 offensive) were 26/32 from the line and 3 of 15 from 3.

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