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Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee July 18

Toronto Sun

The Oklahoma City Thunder have waived guard Earl Watson.

Reports out of Indianapolis last night had the eight-year vet joining the Pacers. Already flush with point guards, Watson’s arrival likely would mean the Pacers would not match the Raptors’ four-year $20-million US offer for restricted free agent Jarrett Jack.

The Pacers have until Monday to match and retain.

T.O. Sports

We are all aware of the contracts that players receive in the NBA they make more money than most of us will in our lifetimes, they come with perks like private jets, tickets for friends and family, specific accommodations on the road, and the list continues. While I’m sure that Bargnani and Turkoglu got those wonderful add-ons to their contracts there is one small problem: It’s called the early termination clause.


No doubt, Bryan has onions. He knew he couldn’t afford to dick around with Marion and his agent Dan Fegan for a month or more and then be left with table scraps as all the better free agents would be gone. That’s what I love about Colangelo. He is not afraid of rolling the dice and taking immediate massive action.

The only reason that the near impossible Hedo/Marion sign and trade went down was that Orlando, Memphis and Dallas all came out ahead in the deal that was brokered by Bryan. Everyone got value in return.


What does that mean for Ukic going forward? Well, it really depends on a lot of factors. With Hedo being able to play point-forward in the event of injury, the team only really needs one healthy point guard and one combo/point guard in reserve of Calderon. If Jack is that point guard, then Ukic, Douby and Marcus Banks are basically eyeing a single spot, and that role barely brings any guaranteed playing time. While the Raptors would happily rid themselves of Banks, his contract might make that too difficult to execute. In that case, does the club look to move Ukic and his guaranteed $2.8-million over the next two years? Colangelo has certainly been up front with his indifference to retaining Ukic, and surely his play in Summer League did little to inspire faith (it was Douby, after all, who had the ball in his hands down the stretch of games). Still, there are some who believe now would be too soon to give up on a prospect with so much raw talent.

Leorest’s Blog

Last but not least. it looks as if Carlos Delfino will remain in Russia and not return to the Raptors. He is apparently aggravated that the Raps are ONLY offering him 4 million a year. He wants 5, dead serious. What a guy, does he comprehend that the NBA Salary cap has lowered for the first time in 24 years. This figure does not get the picture when it comes to economic recession does he. Hey Carlos, you only averaged 9 ppg in the NBA and we were playing you 30 minutes. So why don’t you get off your high horse and be thankful for this offer because you deserve less. I say forget about Delfino and get a guy like Matt Barnes, who actually knows his role on a team.


DeMar DeRozan – The new Raptor chats with Jack on the Game Plan about what he has learned from playing in the Summer League, his mentality as an offensive player and a defender, his plans for the next few months leading up to the Raptors season, and how delighted he is to have Hedo Turkoglu join the team.


Even though Watson will likely come very cheap (since the Thunder will be paying him over $6 million this season to not play for them), with T.J. Ford, Travis Diener and A.J. Price on board, there is no longer room for Jack.
Watson’s a slightly lesser version of Jack and a good counter by the Pacers and Larry Bird.

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