Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Nov 11th vs Chicago

The ‘Chuck Swirsky? Who’s next? The usher from section 101?’ edition.

Banks – you ever watch Finding Nemo? You know that school of fish that swam behind the stars of the film? Well, if you used the Raptors as a real-life version of that school of fish, Banks would be the seaweed in the distance.

Bargnani – his five fouls made him somewhat a diminished factor in this game, but in that role he still found himself with double digit points and a six rebound night. His steal and conversion of a clear path foul in the fourth was a game changer.

Belinelli – his shooting was off tonight but he did a passable job guarding his man. Still get the sense he is finding himself within the defensive schemes more than the rest…and that’s saying something.

Bosh – another double double. Not often I agree in spades with Leo, but Bosh was working hard all night and deserved a lot more calls than he deserved. He also made a great point in that Bosh didn’t grandstand or show up the refs, he thrust himself back into the play and busted his ass. Great leadership. If only Jose could add that to his game.

Calderon – maybe if we put some churros on the rim, he would continue to attack it. He did so early in the game, went away from it, and re-attacked in the fourth, pretty much unchecked the whole way. Not saying it’s there every night, but at least keep doing it until they stop you.

DeRozan – proof that the players read RR. He deserved to be ripped over his last few games, but tonight he showed what a #9 pick should: desire, passion, intensity. Great to see. Unfortunately right now he is more like a Belinelli or a Mensah-Bonsu in that he only appears to want to play every 5 games. That needs to change if he wants to remain a starter.

Douby – DNP – MQOHT

Evans – faker.

Jack – poor poor night. He looked as interested as I would at a tofu buffet. Hopefully this is a passing fad and he steps it up out west.

Johnson – anybody else wondering what it would be like to have Evans and Wright on the floor at the same time? It could be dangerous for the paint on the ACC floor with all the jumping and running.  Great job of holding the Bulls off the boards and even better at bringing a kickstart to the team.

Nesterovic – word on the street is that the letters H, N and the number 1 are as pissed off at being referred to as a disease as the swine were. So, let’s just call that nasty flu the Nesterovic. Hell, they both suck, so why not.

O’Bryant – looking into getting a sponsorship deal for his mouthguard since it gets more TV time than his game does.

Turkoglu- poor shooting night but active on the boards. That positive was taken away by some poor turnovers that negated some good play by the team. I think we are starting to see some signs of him being involved in the offense a bit more…now he just needs to hit shots.

Weems – I was hoping to see him out there against the baby Bulls just to get some confidence and some burn. Ah well, there’s always the Clippers.

Wright – still a magnet for ticky tack fouls, but he brought the D in bushels tonight. Keeping the Bulls honest, running the floor and covering the corners. Great stuff.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Jarrett Jack

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