Raptors Roll Call April 11 vs Bulls

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The “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over” edition.

Banks – first night back in uniform and he is out there in the 4th quarter. Too bad it didn’t matter. At all.

Bargnani – can’t hate the guy for not doing what he hasn’t been doing since he’s been in the NBA: play defence. Looked more into the game tonight than he has recently, but that isn’t saying much. Still more afraid of the bright light than a mouse followed by a floodlight.

Belinelli – honestly, he sucks. Plain and simple. We might as well just stick one of those defenders made out of wire they use at the AllStar game on the court, put some wheels on it and have the mascot push and pull it up and down the court all night. 

Bosh – if he still had any gauze in his nose, it probably blasted out and left marks on his white walls.  If nothing else, he now knows how important he is to this team.

Calderon – ugh. Like Andrea, he played marginally better tonight than the majority of his last few games, but not nearly enough. DRIVE TO THE HOLE. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. CREATE. For the love of all things holy, Jose, you are so much better than this.

DeRozan – utter disappointment. 0/2, 1 assist and absolutely no sign of effort or passion. He was mentally out of this game from the moment he checked in, but Jay had to use him. It’s a shame because he deserves to be benched after his showing tonight.

Evans – what does it tell you that Reggie was the main offensive force in the late fourth. He looked like Jordan with bulk. When it mattered, though, he didn’t do much defensively, providing 4 boards. Not much more to say. Typical night turned in by someone who might hurt us more than helps.

Jack – can’t knock his desire, but played some selfish ball at times. Yes, it’s aggravating that none of your teammates seem to care, but you have to lead them at times like this. Make them want to get back at the booing fans. A disappointing night from both our main point guards.

Johnson – picked up his 3rd foul 2 minutes into the 2nd quarter. He had been playing well up until that point but just took himself out. No way should a guy of his ability come out of a major game with just 2 boards in 25 minutes, unless the other team is shooting 80%.

Nesterovic – only played a minute and I realize that the Bulls aren’t his ideal opponent, but would have loved to see him instill some veteran presence on the floor, even just as a bridge from quarter to quarter. Even better, lay Noah on his butt just once.

O’Bryant – saw some game action tonight and did nothing with it. Probably spent most of his floor time asking for peoples twitter names so he can stay in contact with them over the summer.

Turkoglu- superb game by Colangelo’s mistake. He played over and above what anybody would expect of him, so now we’ve seen both his extremes. Ready for this? 6 points, 9 assists, 19 rebounds. He was absolutely gassed in the third, but rightfully so. He seemed to be responsible for every Raptor board when he was on the floor. As it ended, he almost had half since the team ended up with 41 total boards.  For one night, Hedo didn’t deserve the hate….but he was the only one.

Weems – 22 shots…only 9 makes.  He’s been such a “find” over these past few weeks that it’s hard to knock him, but when you raise the level of expectation it pains us when we see a stumble. He’s got 2 big games coming up where we will need every bit of his energy.

Wright – sat out due to injury. Must have killed him to do so, but we need him in the playoffs. Yes, you heard me.

Driving The Bus:  Hedo Turkoglu

Under The Bus:  DeMar DeRozan

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