ESPN TrueHoop Mock Draft: RR selects Avery Bradley

The TrueHoop Network is doing its annual Mock Draft, thought we'd share what's going on so far.

The TrueHoop Network is doing its annual Mock Draft, thought we’d share what’s going on so far. We here at RR are banking on Steve to call it two years in a row and are picking Avery Bradley with the 13th pick. The reasons have already been given and he’s also made it to our Big Board. Here’s what’s happening so far, you can click on the blog name for some analysis other than the one-liners included here.

  1. Washington: John Wall, Truth About It. It’ll be so much fun watching Gilbert ride the pine, I can already imagine the quotables.
  2. Philadelphia: Evan Turner, Philadunkia. Raptor fans, you know what this means, right? Yes, Andre Iguodala will be traded.
  3. New Jersey: Derrick Favors, Nets Are Scorching. Flirting with the worst record in NBA history. Unbelievably long losing streaks. Fired coaches. Fans wearing garbage bags. All that for Derrick Favors? Doesn’t seem fair.
  4. Minnesota: Wesley Johnson, A Wolf Among Wolves. Why would you draft Wesley Johnson when you just got done suffering through years of Rodney Carney?
  5. Sacramento: DeMarcus Cousins, Cowbell Kingdom. They’re drafting Taj Gibson 2.0.
  6. Golden State: Greg Monroe, Draft Express lists one of his weaknesses as “unorthodox style” and one of his strengths as “left handed”. I once knew a left-handed guy with an unorthodox style, his name was Keon Clark.
  7. Detroit: Ekpe Udoh, Piston Powered. The Pistons had to come along and screw everything up, they just couldn’t let Udoh drop to the Raptors so we could draft a better defensive player than Amir Johnson at 1/4th of the price.
  8. L.A. Clippers: Al-Farouq Aminu, ClipperBlog. Our source inside the league office informs us that David Stern is “seriously considering” sending the Clippers to the D-League and promoting the Idaho Stampede.
  9. Utah: Xavier Henry, Salt City Hoops. The X-Man nickname in 3…2…1…
  10. Indiana: Paul George, Eight Points, Nine Seconds. I guess this is the end of Brandon Rush.
  11. New Orleans: Cole Aldrich, Hornets247. A bit high to draft a garbage man, no?
  12. Memphis: Ed Davis, 3 Shades of Blue. They’re drafting a defensive-minded big man when they already have Hasheem Thabeet, that’s like trading for Sasha Vujacic when you already have Marco Belinelli.
  13. Toronto: Avery Bradley, Raptors Republic. Has agreed to drive Calderon and Jack to the airport.