Jordan Nixes Calderon for Chandler Swap (Chandler traded to Dallas)

MASSIVE UPDATE: Charlotte has traded Tyson Chandler and Alex Ajinca to Dallas for Dampier, Matt Carroll and Najera

MASSIVE UPDATE: Charlotte has traded Tyson Chandler and Alex Ajinca to Dallas for Dampier, Matt Carroll and Najera

Numerous sources are reporting that Michael Jordan had a change of mind and nixed the Calderon for Chandler swap.

I’ve be scouring the net trying to find a reason why, but nothings coming up. Arsenalist was speculating that Jordan probably wanted picks or some other considerations, so it may come back to life at some point, but we’re dead pooling this deal as of now.

This doesn’t change the Bobcats need for a point guard, or the Raptors need for a true shot blocking/rebounding center (as well as a starting calibre shooting guard for that matter) to line up with Bargnani and Diaw. The real negative impact of this falling apart is that Calderon is now jaded, since he didn’t want to leave Toronto, and Colangelo’s plan has been exposed for all to see and interfere in (although he isn’t to blame that this deal fell apart). Second time in two consecutive summers the Raptors have been involved in a sketch player move.

We can all probably take some solace in the fact that whenever Jordan has made a basketball decision (i.e. Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison) that it hasn’t worked out for him; hopefully this deal not falling through works out better for the Raptors in the long run.

More to come as we find out.

Update 1: Michael Grange reporting tweeting that Larry Brown wasn’t happy losing Tyson Chandler. I bet he also wasn’t happy in getting a non-defensive minded point guard (although they could have hid him nicely with Jackson and Wallace on the wing with him).

Update 2: As was pointed out in the thread below, with Jordan backing out, Diaw wont be landing in Toronto either (unless a Calderon for Diaw straight up is negotiated, or this deal is somehow revived). The good news is that Doug Smith is reporting that Turkoglu for Barbosa is still alive (thank jebus).

Update 3: This is not officially confirmed, but Charlotte has apparently just traded Tyson Chandler to Dallas for Eduard Najara, Eric Dampier, Alex Ajinca and Matt Carroll. If this is the case, than Diaw is officially off the table (as per the Turkoglu/Barbosa trade). The Bobcats still need a point guard, Diaw for Calderon straight up works, but with how things just went, who wants to make a deal with Charlotte now (just putting it out there)?

Update 4: Sources close to the situation said Tuesday that two main factors led the Bobcats to pull out: Calderon has a 10-percent trade bonus in his contract in addition to the $29 million remaining on the deal over the next three seasons; and Charlotte coach Larry Brown was never in favor of the trade.

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