Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Mavericks Feb 27

Whine it up.

The “that’s what good teams do and bad teams don’t” edition:

Ajinca: my frustration is beginning to mount at his use. He is far from an all star but he is just as serviceable as Sonny FREAKIN Weems. I’m not sure if that upsets me more or that every time I hear his last name, I remember this song. #r2d2

Alabi: according to the box score, he played. In real life, not in a video game. Interesting. #r2d2

Barbosa: in a stretch of a few minutes it was like he was a robot. Back to back threes from almost the exact same spot and speed out of the late 90s. Then he fell back into his rut. #r2d2

Bargnani: stayed late after practice yesterday watching his game tape. Not surprisingly he had the same reaction we all do when watching him play. Therefore he took the night off due to illness. #r2d2

Bayless: I think I have seen Arsenalist more in control of himself and his bodily functions at a kegger than Jerryd is in control of his game. He reminds me of a hamster seeing a big wheel and deciding to take it for a spin. #r2d2

Calderon: nice offensive game tonight. Had the eye to make shots and some nice dishes. This is an important end stretch for us and for him. We need him to be a commodity and with a longer than usual offseason coming up, now is the time to show it. #r2d2

Davis: got the start as Andrea was hugging a toilet and calling it Shirley. Did a bang up job too against a pretty darn good team of veterans. He is a stud if he can remain healthy and will be the leader of this new team. #r2d2

DeRozan: quickly becoming the Raptors version of Rasheed. If we are playing, a technical will be used. Shut your trap and let your game demand the fouls to be called. You had a chance to make a name for yourself on the world stage 2 years in a row now and shat all over it. You expect refs to give you credit? Please. Your coach barely stomachs your game. #r2d2

Dorsey: Given AlkaSeltzer duty by Micah Nori. #r2d2

Evans: This guy ever gonna play? Ever? #r2d2

A. Johnson: in a season of solid hardworking games, add another to the list. Out there running the floor and flailing body parts, it was a welcome sight in this building on a day we needed it. Wasn’t enough, but great to see someone cared. #r2d2

J. Johnson: from no minutes to 33 minutes and a sweatband that actually has game-earned sweat! Blimey, we really are that bad. His game has dropped off already, but that could be him just setting in to his surroundings. #r2d2

Kleiza: just call him C3PO #r2d2

Weems: only one thing will make Sonny an NBA player who can contribute on a nightly basis. Ambien and a clear head. #r2d2

Wright: and the winner for Comeback Player of the Year Who Ended Up Being Inconsequential is….    #r2d2

Driving The Bus: Amir Johnson

Under The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

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