“Confusion reigns” as Colangelo’s extension becomes contentious issue

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Dave Feschuk, the only real reporter at the Toronto Star, has come up with a bit of a scoop here. He’s claiming that Colangelo’s extension is being blocked by one man and one man only – Glen Silvestri. Who? Glen Silvestri. Read the full article to learn more about him, but he’s apparently the only hope for Colangelo critics who want to see the ex-Suns GM out the door.

It’s unclear whether Silvestri’s opposition of Colangelo is basketball-based or rooted in finances (he manages billions of dollars for the OTPP), what is clear is that he feels strongly enough about this that he’s willing to hold up the whole process that pretty much everyone else is in favor of. Personally, I think Bryan Colangelo’s team-building philosophy is very ad-hoc, lacking any sort of founded planning, and heavily weighted towards the offensive side of the ball, His infatuation with building around Chris Bosh cost this franchise precious years and draft picks, and his forays into the free-agent market have been vastly disappointing, I can’t think of another GM who had traded away his prime acquisitions so frequently. To some that might spell dynamic and an ability to react, to me it’s plain old confusion and trying to hit a moving target that you’re not even sure exists.

Here’s the relevant excerpt:

If Tanenbaum and his fellow directors support Colangelo — “Bryan has a plan and we back his plan as a board,” Tanenbaum said — why has Colangelo’s contract, which expires June 30, not been extended?

It’s because there remains at least one anti-Colangelo voice among the power brokers. That voice, multiple club sources confirm, belongs to Glen Silvestri, a representative of the organization’s majority owner, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. Since the board has seven seats, three of which belong to Teachers’, and since another one of its members, CEO Richard Peddie, is essentially duty-bound to the majority owner, Colangelo isn’t likely to ink a new contract unless Silvestri comes around.

What, exactly, is behind Silvestri’s opposition to Colangelo’s continued presence in Toronto? That’s difficult to say since Silvestri, a chartered accountant who manages billions of dollars worth of the pension plan’s funds, referred all questions to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Raptors and Maple Leafs, among many things.

Peddie, the MLSE CEO, refused comment on board matters. As for the status of Colangelo’s contract? Said Peddie: “There’s nothing to report.”

That kind of silence has been typical of the pension plan’s representatives, and it leaves those who care to parse hearsay. Sources say Silvestri, who took a seat on the board last year, has emerged as an atypically opinionated presence around the Air Canada Centre. Along with criticizing Colangelo’s record as GM, Silvestri, one league source said, has also been heard to deride Colangelo’s career as the product of nepotism. Colangelo’s father, Jerry, was owner of the Phoenix Suns when Bryan became that franchise’s general manager in 1995.

Bryan Colangelo, who was GM in Phoenix for 11 years before he succeeded Rob Babcock in Toronto in February 2006, has had success outside his father’s shadow. He was named the NBA’s executive of the year in Toronto in 2007 for inheriting a 27-win team and turning them into the 47-win champions of the Atlantic Division.

He has made plenty of missteps in the wake of that triumph, to be sure. The Jermaine O’Neal deal, which insiders pin on Colangelo’s wish to assuage then-coach Sam Mitchell’s constant harping for more defence and rebounding, was a miss. Ditto Hedo Turkoglu. And Colangelo’s call-out of Chris Bosh, in the wake of Bosh’s exit to Miami last summer, raised eyebrows among those concerned about the team’s ability to land and retain free agents.

Here’s A-Dub’s take on this:

Thank you Glen Silvestri. There is a god. The accusations of nepotism are gold. How much of Phoenix’s success can attributed to Daddy Colangelo? Bryan started off with tons of cap space, a budding superstar and a 1st overall pick and look where we are now. I guess this clears up the confusion as to why Cloangelo hasn’t been extended despite all of Peddie’s sound bytes stating that it’s a done deal. For those who say that Colangelo has made MLSE a lot of money, what exactly has he done? Doesn’t having a successful team usually make you more money? There are good basketball minds out there, look at at Alex Anthopolous, who knew of him a coupel of years ago? We need a fresh face that is in tune with today’s NBA that will embrace concepts like advanced stats and a defense-first philosophy.


  1. I would love to learn more about Silvestri’s reasoning here. From the excerpts in Feschuk’s article it certainly appears that Silvestri is not buying Colangelo and his kool-aid that he delivers oh so well.

    I keep going back to the time when Colangelo was hired. He had tons of cap space freed up for him, a #1 draft pick at his disposal, and somehow managed to screw it all up, continuosly correcting mistakes he made which led to more mistakes.

    Even the 47 win team that made the playoffs was not his team, although I do give him credit for bringing in Parker and Garbo amongst others. The biggest problem I have with Colangelo is that he is incapable of building a team never mind that has a defensive identity, but one that even has any interest in playing that end of the court.

    Moving ahead he did well by drafting Davis when he fell on our lap, and thankfully he did, and DeRozan has proven himself to be a solid piece of the future. Prior to that he did have a penchant for really bad moves giving up draft picks all too readily for little in return. Johnson was a solid move so far from what I have seen, so again, as of late, he has done some good things, and even our record is good to give us a shot at a top 5 or better draft pick.

    His body of work though is really a D, and for that grade I just can’t endorse a new contract for him. If the inevitable likely happens, and he does get another contract I will be behind him, as I want the team to get better, but better in the right way. Building a defensive foundation first will be the key. As long as Bargnani is a focal point of our team and Calderon is still starting, there is no hope. Time to move the players most victimized on the defensive side of the court, to at least give us a shot.

    • You are looking at the players and show your favoritism instead of looking at the coaching. Calderon and Bargnani were part of the 12th and 13th ranked defensive teams under Mitchell. Under Triano we are 30th and 29th. It is about coaching systems, roles and adjustments more than individual players. You say DeRozan is a solid piece going forward and emphasize all defence without noticing the contradiction that DeRozan is our worst defender with the worst +/- in the team (the opposing wings are destroying us every night). I’m not trying to argue with you, only to show that wrong management and bad coaching can destroy a team almost regardless of the players. After all, we can reach the same conclusion using different premises.

      • Ooooh, careful with that assumption. I think you’re forgetting that Mitchell rode Bargs hard and buried him deep in the bench for any miscues (mostly defensive). There were also better defensive players in that team (ie. Garbo and Parker). Mitchell was a tough ass coach (that same toughness cost him his job). No coaching system can save Barg’s and Calderon’s matador defence. Larry Brown would have done a “Darko” job on Bargs if he coached the team back in 2007. Brown, would have traded Calderon for a bucket of balls if need be. I’m not saying I agree with what Brown did but he, along with (Popovich, Sloan, Jeff Van Gundy and Rick Carlisle) WILL NOT change those players.

        Yes, BC spent energy building around Bosh but I would argue he’s done more to build around his golden boy in Bargnani. He fired the COACH OF THE YEAR because he won’t give AB7 the love that BC felt he deserved and hired a coach in Triano (which was seen as a coach that can “handle” international players and style of ball). He also took Cuzzolin (Conditioning coach) and Gherardini (Asst GM, Vice-President) from Benetton Treviso to support AB. He’s now drafted players (Davis) and traded for James and Amir Johnson as Barg’s supporting cast (mostly rugged, defensive types that won’t take AB’s shots away, but will gladly defend, box out, and rebound for him). It’s so apparent that Bargs with the early pairing with Reggie was done with purpose. He’s doing the same thing again with his first overall pick. He’s had five years. Give it to someone else at this point.

      • Are you fucking kidding me using +/- to conclude that DeRozan is the worst defender on the team?!? It just records how the score changes when a player enters a game. There are many, many, many, variables that aren’t accounted for (like WHO is x player playing WITH, and how well are those players playing. For example, Fisher’s +/- will probably be inflated because he plays primarily next to freaking Kobe.), and you want to conclude that from it, Jesus Christ man. Also, according to 82games.com, Alabi has the worst +/- on the team. Of the starters, it’s White Swan. Of actual rotation players, it’s Weems.

        To be a good defensive team, yes it’s more about coaching, but to be an acceptable one, it’s more about the actual players. Davis and A.Johnson are the only two good defenders on the team. Also what Balls of Steel said.

        • According to 82games.com the 3 worst +/- are in increasing order (negative) :
          Weems -257 , Andrea -263 , DD -338 . The +/- per minute according to NBA.com has Evans , Weems , Davis , Bayless and DD worse than Andrea .

          • Oh and not to mention DeRozan is often guarding the opposition’s best player…. how’s that for an assignment every night?

    • Thank you for not drinking the BC koolaid. A 5 year old imo can do what BC has done in 5 years:-
      1. #1 pick – a bust, an inefficient scorer, not interested in rebounding and defense….. check
      2.Overpaid role players and backups….. check
      3.Pieces that don’t fit on a team and looks like a jigsaw puzzle…. check
      4.No potential superstar…. check
      5.Chasing All-star out of town because he could not surround him with a decent supporting cast…. check
      6.Abysmal defensive (that is an understatement – how about no defense or not even interested in playing defense) and soft teams in a league that emphasizes defense and is the only way to win and not get exposed in the playoffs…. check
      7.Redundancy in skillsets in players on teams…. check
      8.Bad trade moves (trades more miss than hit smh) and trading out of lottery picks (because he can’t find a gem outside the lottery. Are you kidding me? How is this guy a GM when he can’t get a gem outside the lottery or even not interested in making one by trading them? sigh) for quick fixes and fixing his mistakes…… check
      9.Bad team records…. check

      BC supporters, here is the realistic question – with that above, does the guy deserve a new contract let alone 5 more years at the same salary for bad performance? As a worker in your workplace except if you are a workplace darling, do you get rewarded for bad performance like BC is looking to do? Food for thought.

      This organization is a joke and the personnel at the top – the owners all the way to BC the GM, MG the Assistant GM, the draft scouting team (headed by Jim Kelly with a lot of misses in the draft against hits sigh) to the players (Jose and Bargs – the epitome of bad defense and softness in a league that players are respected for at least decent or average defense and at least, tough enough for their respective positions) all need to be gone and new blood infused into the organization before this organization and in extension, the Toronto Raptors become respected and win in this league.

      “Nuff said.

      • I am not very smart but no one chased Bosh out of town!! The real fault of BC’s was believing he was going to stay. Chris made a statement and he blindly believed him. As a manager you need to make the hard decisions and he should have realized Chris was blowing smoke. Traded his ass for draft picks and moved on. The team essentially got absolutely nothing for Chris Bosh. No disrespect to Mr. Johnson but let me know when he gets the call for the All Star game.

      • My cousin was born 5 years ago – now he’s all grown up while the Raptors are still the same… like 5 years ago.

  2. BC is the prototypical empty suit. His luck is a very ignorant b-ball market in which he was able to sell empty promises before each season. Our record is worse than when he took over, The roster is choke full of mediocre young players. He made unbelievable stupid decisions to the point of ridicule (Barnes). Even the profits are due more to the CAD increase in value than his business acumen. This year we have the lowest season average in club’s history and I can predict the sseason tickets renewal will be a disaster. I hate this guy and everything he represents.
    It may not matter much as it is clear that OTP is selling their stake in MLSE. Clearly they are not willing to add any costs or to make any long term decisions before the new owner takes over.

  3. God bless Glen Silvestri, maybe he is like me a fan and is steeped in reality. BC’s tenure here has turned us into a soft team and a joke in this league. Consequently, the teams he has assembled after 5 whole years has no superstars at all and is like pieces of puzzle that don’t fit or a jigsaw puzzle with lots of redundancy in similar skilled players and abysmal defense. Finally, BC is asking for 5 more years at the same salary which is basically a reward for bad performance – that is not reality to me. No amount of sugar-coating and koolaid can save BC here as his tenure here has been a disaster (and please BC fans, don’t tell me that was because he built around Bosh who was not a franchise player. My rebuttal is a GM normally knows who is not a franchise player or is – the buck stops with him here. Second, who do we have to replace him? My rebuttal is some assistant GMs from small market winning teams in the NBA a la San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trailblazers or even Kevin Pritchard (yes, he made some fatal mistakes but how come the mistakes has not decimated the Portland Trailblazers and they still make the playoffs the year after he was fired? Food for thought guys) – give of these guys a chance and I assure you that they can not do any worse than BC has done in his 5 years here).

    If you get rewarded for bad performance at your place of work (except only you are a workplace darling, then don’t bother talking 🙁 ) as BC is looking to do, let us talk. My 2 cents.

  4. The sad thing about BC is that he thinks of himself as a “brand” and a “pedigree”. Which do you prefer, blowing $400 on a single “brand” shirt, or getting yourself 5 functional shirts (one for each day of the working week)? Isn’t it time that this franchise be practical with their next GM? If teams are becoming more smart about their spending habits on players due to the upcoming changes to the CBA, can’t they do the same with their upper management hiring practices? What the hell has Maurizio Gheradini done for this franchise? What about our scouting? My goodness.

    • More Italians or Eastern European cuz they look good on a Raps jersey and that would steal the wallets of the Torontonians mainly of those ethnic backgrounds.

      MLSE don’t have to worry about winning since they are satisfied with their season earnings. They’ll only worry about winning when fans stop attending games, and then face losing incomes and that would make them offer Charlie Sheen for the GM position.

  5. The comments about the 2006 draft are largely disingenuous. Who would you have taken with the #1 pick? Brandon Roy? (no knees, career almost over) Aldridge? Same position as Bosh. Adam Morrison (out of the NBA) Tyrus Thomas? (headcase and can’t play) Who exactly, would the bright lights among you have taken?

    • Aldridge? Same position as Bosh.

      Umm, Bargs is also a 4 and is the same position as Bosh. As a matter of fact, fans are crying that Bargs playing the center position is hurting his game. Aldridge, whom I wanted the Raps to take is a revelation this year, even without Oden and Roy. He was a great player coming out of Texas. This year, the Blazers are ravaged with injuries but guess who’s keeping that team intact?

      • In addition, Texas is a good basketball program – the basketball players out of that program a la Duke are more hit than miss imo.

      • Rudy Gay was my choice then, I thought he was the closest thing I’d ever seen to Scotty Pippen–as per usual scouts overhyped him as a Pre-season All American then was disappointed that he didn’t dominate a team that had 4 NBAers on the roster… and if you count his 1st 2 years with Charlie V and Ben Gordon, his numbers and the UCONN system of team, only made sense…The same can be said of Harrison Barnes this year on a deep NBA talent-laden squad in Carolina– I was sleeping on him but boy oh boy has he awaken ‘just in time’ for March Madness…

        DeRozan underperformed at USC before the Pac-10 tourney as well! Sometimes guys get bored really fast of the college game–look at Jacob Pullen at Kansas St. getting his mind right mid season because he was too focused on his draft stock…

        To make a long story longer, I think too much stock was placed on #7 playing for a professional team in Treviso, and the assumption of his relatively smooth transition to the NBA game hyped by of one pre-season performance versus the raptors a year before he was drafted–The college game, unless it’s someone like Yao, is the ONLY place to get a top draft pick…

        As per building around Bosh, I contend that Colangelo was building around #7 the whole time, and didn’t draft/sign/trade for a rugged center to depose #7 and mess with his confidence… It all falls square on the #7 pick if I were to surmise my denouncement of BryCo!

        • To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. This is what happened when BryCo first laid his eyes on AB7 (his only number one pick). His world became entrenched in his gawdy offensive game. At his position, AB7 represented a “rare” skillset and BC fell in love with it. Now, he must die by very same sword he fell in love with. Let’s face it, he’s a lame duck GM that will be lowballed by MLSE and will walk towards greener pastures by way of the Knicks. It’s going to happen and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. It was a nice 5 years BryCo. Good luck destroying the Knicks!

    • With Chris Bosh as the center-piece of their team at that point in time, the Raptors SHOULD have traded down in the 2006 NBA Draft and, then, selected either Rudy Gay or Rudy Gay … as a solid compliment to CB4 for the next 10 years … each of whom I suggested prior to that Draft was likely to develop into a better player in the NBA than Andrea Bargnani. IMO, those who try to explain-away the wrongness of the Raptors’ No. 1 [overall] Selection that year, simply do not have a leg to stand on, regardless of the number of other GMs who made a similar mistake that year.

      • it is my understanding that he made and attempt to trade down, but there was no one willing to offer a reasonable return.

        • What Bryan Colangelo thinks was not a “reasonable” offer at the time may well have been a more than reasonable offer that he simply chose not to accept because he has a habit of over-estimating the actual worth of certain assets associated with his own team. If the Raptors had truly wanted to trade out of the No. 1 [overall] Selection in the 2006 NBA Draft, then, it is almost a certainty that they could have done exactly that, provided they were not asking MORE than they SHOULD have been asking in return for a player with the ability of Andrea Bargnani [who was not a concensus No. 1 Draft Pick, by any stretch of the imagination.]

          • .
            [” What Bryan Colangelo thinks was not a “reasonable” offer at the time may well have been a more than reasonable offer … “]

            And you know this because …. ?

            How is that Board room by the way. I hear Tanebaum likes his steaks rare. And the new guy Silvestri the Cat, actually brings beans to the meetings.

          • that may or may not be true. Its a huge assumption to make as neither of us know what was offered, wanted or turned down.

            Bargnani was not the consensus number 1 pick. But that was the exact problem… no consensus, others felt they would get the players they wanted, Bosh didn’t want to play C.

            • 1. It seems as though others are the ones making an assumption that no good deal was offerred to the Raptors in exchange for the No. 1 [overall] Selection in the 2006 NBA Draft, since no trade was made, when the fact is no one else knows for sure whether this was the case, or not.

              2. If the Raptors had been offerred a ridiculously “cheap” price for the No. 1 [overall] Selection in the 2006 NBA Draft … e.g. the right to flip 1st Round Picks in the Lottery + a 2nd Round Selection, or a non-starting-but-rotational player from the roster of the prospective trading partner, then, the fact is I would have made that trade prior to draft, based on how much I liked Gay and Roy [both of whom were multi-dimensional players], in comparison with Bargnani [who was only a one-dimensional player]. Do you really believe that no other team in the Lottery made even a ridiculously “cheap” offer like that, because Bryan Colangelo says that he didn’t get a suitable offer in exchange for the right to obtain the No. 1 [overall] Selection that year? [[because, I do not believe that]

              3. Bosh would have played whatever position was required of him in Toronto, as long as the team was winning and committed to competing for a league championship. Unfortunately, what Bosh saw as the years rolled by in Toronto is that winning the NBA title is not the main objective for the Raptors … which is why he chose to leave last summer.

              • look its probably completely idiotic of me to get into a discussion with you but….

                all I was saying is that it is my understanding (and this was years ago now so I’m not saying I’m not mistaken) that BC tried to trade down in the 2006 draft. What was or was not offered I do not know. Maybe it was a good deal that he undervalue, maybe it was a bad deal. Neither you or I know. But, as I understand it, he did try to trade down.

                We don’t know how early he tried to make a deal. The entire issue with that draft is how incredibly weak it was and everyone expected that going into the draft.

                You and I see Bosh much, much differently.

                • The fact that Bryan Colangelo may have tried to trade down is irrelevant. What is relevant, however, is that Bryan Colangelo did not trade down, when there were solid multi-dimensional players, like Rudy Gay and Brandon Roy, available in the mid-lower section of the Lottery, to assume a future role beside a player like Chris Bosh; instead, what he chose to do was select Andrea Bargnani with the No. 1 [overall] Draft Pick, which has turned out to be big mistake for this franchise.

                  Yes, we do seem to see Chris Bosh in different ways. My view of Bosh is similar to that of Pat Riley’s.

                • Firstly I do think Bargnani has proven to be a huge mistake… not so much the drafting but rather the unwillingness to deal with him in one way or another (whether trade, benching, 6th man etc) Would I love for BC to be able to take back that draft and go with someone else. Damn straight I would.

                  That said, BC trying to trade down is relevant to the point that he “should have” or “did not” trade down. Its one thing to not do something, but another to actually try and not succeed. So take that for what you will.

                  As for Bosh… you see him as a number 3 guy who can’t play C? I mean I can agree with that but I sure don’t get that impression from your discussion.

                • The Spurs also see Bosh a lil bit differently also after last night’s thrashing on South Beach… Have you forgotten how much difference having a nightly 20 and 10 guy makes??? Just look at the almost 50 games in the L column–LET’S GET REAL for a sec!!!

                • ofcourse because Lebron and Dwade have nothing to do with those wins……

                  he is also no longer an 20 -10 guy…. suprise suprise…… he is now in the realm of David West. Hmmmm… quality player. Yep. Great player to build around? Not at all. A center… not even close.

                  here is the problem with 1 game samples (30 points vs the Spurs)… we should see how Chicago sees him (1-18 7pts)

                • I’d suggest that Coach Thibodeau probably sees Chris Bosh in a way that is quite similar to how Pat Riley – and some of the other highly accomplished coaches in the history of the NBA – actually sees him [i.e. as a highly valubale elite level player who is more than willing to do what is necessary to be an integral part of a championship calibre team focused on trying to win the NBA Title] … which is not at all like you attempted to describe below:

                  “As for Bosh… you see him as a number 3 guy who can’t play C? I mean I can agree with that but I sure don’t get that impression from your discussion.” – Theswirsky

                  Understanding properly how “1-game samples” actually work, in the NBA, as far as “Understanding The Effect of Individual Match-ups” are concerned, is a major component of analysing basketball with a high degree of accuracy. Those who attempt to de-value the worth of “small sample sizes” in the NBA game don’t really have a solid handle on how individual match-ups work, in the first place.

                • feel free to explain to me how:

                  small sample size > large sample size

                  with a “high degree of accuracy” when evaluating a player.

                  Feel free to explain to me how a “1 game sample” is more than situational or exemplary.

                  Feel free to explain to me why Pat Riley has 6 guys to play C ahead of Bosh (Dampier, Haslem, Big Z, Howard, Anthony, Magloire) yet would still could/would/will expect Bosh to play C in anything other than very specific situations?

                  Feel free to explain to me how Chris Bosh is 3rd in usage/minutes/FGA on his team, but Pat Riley/Spoelstra doesn’t see him as the 3rd option?

                  If you can explain any of that with any level of detail and evidence (ie. not the generic non-specific comments you like to use) I will most definetely listen and take it to heart. If you plan to use your common ‘beat around the bush’ style than don’t bother.

                • I will just explain one to you, instead.


                  i.e. The most effective 5-man unit which the Heat can put on the floor right now looks like this:

                  PG, Chalmers
                  OG, Wade
                  SF, Miller
                  PF, James
                  C, Bosh

                  In this unit, which position does Chris Bosh play?


                  This way I won’t have to waste a great deal more of my time.

                • amazing. Please link this. 82games.com doesn’t even have this in their top 20. How many minutes has this line up played? There are only 2 top 5 man units with Bosh at C and they are a combined 61 minutes.

                  Funny how you didn’t touch the small sample size vs large question and then posted this.

                • If Pat Riley sees Bosh as a guy who can play C….

                  why is it that 9 of the 10 MOST USED line ups… have Bosh at pf and another at C? Why is it that the most used 5 man unit with Bosh as a C has been used for a total of 43 minutes… 10th most used? Thats line up is used 30x LESS than the other most used line ups that DON’T have Bosh at the 5. Next most used with Bosh at C is 20th with a combined total of 19 minutes.

                  Please explain why Pat Riley or Spoelstra would use him so little at C IF they thought he could/would/should play there?

                  This still doesn’t touch the usage question or (again) the sample size question. Don’t try to avoid it… if you want to make the statements you did, you should be able to back them up.

  6. I’m not a Colangelo fan. He was given a chance and failed. Simple as that.

    But I can’t stand the “tons of cap space, a budding superstar and a 1st overall pick” nonesense. Cap space has proven to be nearly meaningless in Toronto as the team doesn’t attract FAs (atleast those of relevance). The first overall pick was the worst draft in a decade and Chris Bosh was an overrated player that should never be classified as (or ever have been thought of as) a superstar.

    By all means criticize him for his body of work in Toronto. Criticize his unwillingness to give up or adjust to (and infact endorse) Bargnani. Criticize him for his results. But criticizing him for what he had when he got here is like telling a janitor he did a bad job mopping the floor when all he was given was toothbrush.

  7. drafting Bargs still haunts this franchise, even if we took Morrison it would have been written off a long time ago, but we are stuck running offense through a really tall small forward until 2015

  8. What about a 3 year option? Allows him to go forward with what he has acquired, the draft and free agency this year. He has to have that to allow the franchise stability, but it also puts pressure on him to get results. I find myself willing to go with that as a choice.

    My first choice is him gone. And take the young talent we do have in the right direction. Probably some koolaid drinking rationalizations. Growing up a 76ers fan, I would watch any game I could get a chance to see. But way back then they were not on TV like we have now. Bring able to see almost all the Raptors games is often a chore rather than a joy. So you convince yourself that AB and JC bring enough offense to makeup for their defense. And that Triano is not as concerned with winning as they want a good pick. Leading to intentional questionable decisions.

    You stare at the roster and try and put the pieces together and they just do not fit. Only been watching the team a lot the last few years. And we do the same things wrong over and over. It’s like some insane Groundhog Day method of entertainment. There are those moments where it comes together and hope rises, only to be cudgeled back to earth. If Colangelo leaves than AB will shortly thereafter follow. Might be the best way to go. Any more defenceless mouthbreathing from him and I might actually have a drinking “problem.” I just can’t fit him anywhere that we would not need a centre like Olajuwon to make him acceptable. And then what do we do with Ed, Reggie and Amir?

    I need another drink.

    • Unfortunately, BC says 5 more years at thesame salary (what a joke?). If I am MLSE, I will tell BC – “thank you for your services, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out”.

  9. During the summer of 2006, in the aftermath of the Raptors hiring of Bryan Colangelo, fans of the team were told by yours truly what to expect over the course of his tenure as the President/GM of the team for the ensuing years. Unfortunately, almost which was forecast at that time has now come to fruition, and the franchise is back to Square One. It really is a sad case which could and should have been avoided by a Board of Directors with very little basketball acumen, in the first place.

  10. Maad respect to Silvestri for not drinking BC’s kool aid pr media spins!!!

    Hopefully with potential new controlling ownership (Rogers?) will clean house from the front office down to the pre, post and live action game announcers.

    Hopefully a new President of Raptor basketball will finally get rid of both Bargs & Jose and make Raptor basketball competitive.

    Potential GMs and/or Presidents: Julius Erving (Dr J), Steve Kerr, Kenny Smith, Mark Jackson, Kevin Pritchard.

    Potential coaches: Jeff Van Gundy, Lawrence Frank, Mike Brown, Bill Laimbeer, Dwane Casey, Brian Shaw, Alex English.

    • I think Van Gundy would be a great coach! He would bring the defence and discipline that the Raptors sorely lack right now. He has a proven track record and deserves another coaching shot.

    • Dr J and Kenny Smith for GM? you joker. forgot to include charles barkley and reggie miller to that list.

      • For President or GM as BC currently holds both titles for the Rap’s ie no checks and balances just a BC consensus (company, yes men).

        You don’t think that Julius Erving- the legendary Dr J, would be attractive to potential f/a players, ownership, fans, sponsors and the like while giving the Rap’s League wide credibility? I believe that Dr J knows a thing or two about basketball and could assemble a top line front office and coaching staff for Raptor basketball.

        As well, Kenny Smith knows NBA basketball inside out whether I agree with his opinions or not he has a good eye & mind in relation to the NBA. Kenny could assemble a top line front office as well while bringing League wide credibility to the TDot.

        I think that they both know a thing or two about basketball as opposed to BC who rode his Ivy League Harvard privileged butt on his father’s coattails in Phoenix- we don’t really know what BC did in Phoenix we just know what he was allowed to take credit for via his daddy’s success in Phoenix.

        Fyi- Charles Barkley is a straight up clown whom I wouldn’t want anywhere near Raptor basketball operations. As well, Reggie Miller, a good NBA player, is not someone I would feel comfortable with as President or GM of the Rap’s. I would take Cheryl Miller over Reggie as a basketball mind.

        • “You don’t think that Julius Erving- the legendary Dr J, would be attractive to potential f/a players, ownership, fans, sponsors and the like while giving the Rap’s League wide credibility? I believe that Dr J knows a thing or two about basketball and could assemble a top line front office and coaching staff for Raptor basketball.”

          Ya, maybe he’ll do as good of a job as Michael Jordan.

          • Michael Jordan, who is a TEAM OWNER- not a President or GM, has the Bobcats battling for a playoff spot while approving sound financial player moves that have helped to alleviate their salary cap for future player moves under a potential new NBA CBA.

            The player moves may seem befuddling if you don’t understand what MJ is trying to undo in Charlotte.

            I believe that he’ll (Dr J) would do a much better job than BC (if Rap’s go that way) as he will surround himself with qualified personnel from scouting to coaching to the front office- no more BC consensus cult like bull chit Raptor rhetoric.

        • I don’t think being a legendary player provides any indication of one’s skill as a front office executive (in regards to Dr. J). Apples and oranges.

          And Kenny Smith is a complete moron. I mean, he actually thought Kevin Love didn’t deserve to be an all-star, claiming that he’s putting on good numbers on a bad team. Just ridiculous.

          • I agree the suggestion of Kenny Smith is about as ridiculus as one can get (maybe Leo Rautins would be worse, but cant think of many others).
            However, hard to say his view on Kevin Love is TOTALLY crazy. First, he was basically the last pick on the allstar team (meaning he was a bubble in most everyone’s mind, including fans and coaches.) Second, while I love his game and his promise, he is putting up those numbers on a horrific team – meaning, despite what all the “non points” supporters suggest, his league leading rebounds and solid offense arent doing much more to improve his team than ABs 22 and 5.
            Bottom line – year after year, very few players on bad (not just below 500, but really, really bad) teams make the allstar team. The conventional wisdom being, if this guy was so great, wouldnt his team be better…?

            • Can’t say I disagree with you. But one thing is for certain, it takes a lot of hard work/skill to put up thirteen 20+ rebound games in a season (and counting). There isn’t a single other player in the league who has done with Love has done this season, bad team or not.

              • No doubt. And, I think hed be a great addition to a lot of good teams because he fits well in almost any system / with almost any players. I guess only time will tell if hes a true all star or not and if he can continue to put up these numbers on a better team. Id take him on my team for sure though (assuming my team already had some scorers) because he doesnt need to be an allstar to conrtibute …

            • Kenny Smith came up through North Carolina under Dean Smith and in the NBA (Houston) under Rudy Tomjanovich- 2 championship level coaches.

              I believe that he learned a thing or 2 about winning basketball particulars from them plus his own mind isn’t exactly blind to NBA basketball and basketball in general.

              Kenny Smith is well respected in basketball circles before & beyond TNT.

              Kenny >>>> Leo

          • I wouldn’t have had Kevin Love on the all-star team either. There is NO way I could have put him in front of Aldridge this year as Lamrcus has taken his game to the next level. Love is a good player but his numbers don’t seem to translate to anymore wins for his team.

          • Dr J is respected League wide by both players & organizations.

            I agree KLove didn’t deserve to be selected especially over the Blazers LAldridge as he is putting up good #’s on a very, very bad team.

            • The problem with making judgements based on the quality of the team is that it is completely subjective. If Aldridge played for the TWolves, is he capable of a 30 pt, 30 rebound game? I highly doubt it but nobody can answer that question with any certainty. Hence, stats are really the only factual measure we have when determining allstars. Yes, Love plays on a bad team, but he plays against NBA front courts every single night.

  11. I’ve been a Colangelo critic since the sudden, and knee-jerk firing of Sam Mitchell, but to say

    “His infatuation with building around Chris Bosh cost this franchise precious years and draft picks”

    is so off the mark. Either you wanted to use a different word, or you think infatuation means something it doesn’t. The only thing Colangelo is infatuated in is offensive-minded, defense-retarded teams. He’s infatuated with a soft 7 footer who can’t rebound to save his life. What Colangelo has done in the past 5 years was the exact opposite of building around Chris Bosh.

  12. The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has been the brain dead mass at the center of Toronto professional sports for just about long enough. Their opinion is for entertainment purposes only.

    Sell, don’t speak.

  13. I promise you if we lose Colangelo, we are fucked…in terms of direction and respectabilityin the NBA, we are so screwed.

    oh fuck, this is scary,
    we have an accountant trying to make basketball moves we are gunna be the grizzlies soon

    • Colangelo is a failing brand. The only joke here besides upper management is what he was managed to put together in 5 years. The losing will turn off potential FAs, not the absence of Colangelo, and definitely not the awesome market and city that is Toronto. Rich Cho is a no-name up-and-comer GM for the Blazers. He learned from Presti as his ex-assistant in Oklahoma. He’s a numbers guy and is dilligent in his signings (a firm believer in modernized, analytical, sabermetric approach to assembling a competitive basketball team). Wesley Matthews and the trade for Wallace is just a few of his gem moves. The Blazers and their winning ways will attract FA’s no matter what. They have a good coach that they just resigned (for a moderate length of two years mind you – which further amplifies his genius). They remain competitive despite the bust in Oden and Roy’s lack of knee ligaments (both of which were made by his predecessor Kevin Pritchard). Name is not important as brains. Also, look at the number of embarrassing busted moves the BC tried to make this off-season. It takes two to Tango. If MJ balked at the Chandler deal, BC looks just as culpable. Oh, and let’s not forget about the Barnes attempts to get him here. The accountant will not be the one to make the decision. He is only accountable to the owners of the pension fund.

      PS> With the Jays, they went after a “brand” as well in Ricciardi, straight out of Billy Beane’s school of “Moneyball”. We know what happened there and look at his 34 year-old replacement in Alex Anthopoulos. Good, let Rogers take over and they’ll clean house I guarantee you. Heck, Rogers will send them all to Europe if need be.

      At the MIT Sloan Conference, how many analytics did the Raps send? You guessed it, zero. Also, not to sound bitchy here but Glen Grunwald was the best GM that this franchise has ever had. I’m not critical of all GM’s that the Raps have ever had. Just the bad ones like Bryan Colangelo.

      • and you forgot to even mention our Masai Ujiri, that saw the writing on the wall about Melo and got a bounty for it in return – now his team is going to the playoffs in the tough West and don’t have to rebuild sigh. There are a lot of assistant GMs on small market(which we are) winning teams like the Portland Trailblazers, San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder that want a chance as a GM and are willing to be paid peanuts to have GM on their resume – they can’t do any worse than BC has done in 5 years. My 2 cents. I don’t know what Toshmon is talking about – BC is just using that who is going to replace me? mantra to scare the fans and MLSE and that is obviously the sign of a GM on a sinking ship. “Nuff said.

        • Don’t you think if the tables were turned and the Cavs and Raps seen what losing their top guy can do, they would obviously trade Bosh and Lebron. Duh. Stop blowing smoke out of your ass.

        • .
          Masai knew Melo was gone. There was no … “should I stay, or should I go” bull.
          Call BC gullible for believing Bosh (until it was too late), but Masai & Melo were on the same page. And as much as Bosh was over-rated, that perception doesn’t hold a candle to Anthony’s.

          • Believing Bosh about what???

            When did Bosh ever say he was staying anywhere so the whole “believing Bosh” hogwash is nonsense. Please show me where he said he was staying?

            Bosh never said he was resigning and BC acted like it was a good thing after the fact as it was “an expensive pair of handcuffs” so stop using that weak argument.

            No matter what Bosh said or his agent if he didn’t sign on the dotted line it’s all just talk, no promises and Colangelo left the franchise out to dry because of his miscalculations and ego.

            • .
              oops … missed a few words. Should have read … “Call BC gullible for believing he could keep Bosh”.

              How’s that?
              The irony of Bosh going, is that his new situation was a poor choice. IMO, it will not last – he’s a 3rd wheel on the bicycle, and as I see it, Miami would be further ahead if they traded CB. Too much scoring – required/needed/demanded – amongst 3 guys.

              • How about calling BC ‘ terribly wrong’ or ‘completely at fault’ at risk of the Raptor franchise future thinking he could keep Bosh.

                He’s the decision maker so gullible is not strong enough of a word imo. How about arrogant or foolhardy to describe this bg error in judgement?

                There is no irony of Bosh. What you or I think doesn’t matter as Riley is calling the shots there. They might indeed be further ahead if they traded Bosh but to where and for whom? Once again, unless Riley is thinking like yourself, it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

                • .
                  Okay …. Wrong about thinking he could keep CB. I also think he was wrong about Bosh’s talents as well. Our play-off record speaks to that – and yes, a certain amount of blame has to fall on the shoulders of the GM & his coaches. I just think all this talk that CB was never surrounded (in 7 years) by any talent, is reinforced by what he brings to Miami – not much more. As I said, I believe the Heat are better off without him. His salary could find them 2 quality players, instead of a guy who doesn’t know how to play defense, and who whines because he realizes the Dynamic Duo really means 2, and has no room for a third.

                  As for BC, I wouldn’t call him arrogant, or at least, more arrogant than what seems to be norm for professional sports. Foolhardy though, sounds about right.
                  My point about BC, is that sometimes when we’re humbled (by past mistakes), we tend to be less arrogant, and hopefully wiser. The fact that Colangelo has refused to make any moves, is being patient while the draft approaches, and is sticking with a young and error filled team – what we’ve wanted for the most part – is a sign (to me), that he’s learning.
                  Some people are so anxious to get rid of BC, that they’re okay with a Non-Basketball number crunching individual effectively calling the shots.

      • .
        Portland is f^@ked. Until they disengage themselves from Roy (and his contract), they will never make it to the big game. The sooner they begin the rebuild – and Wallace will not want to wait around for that – the sooner they get back on the right track.

        Wallace will be 29 in July, and the clock is ticking to collect a ring. He has a player option for the 2012-13 season (@ 11.4 million). With the development of Super star teams, I can see him wanting to be part of another such group.

        • I guess it’s simialr to the Raps and Bargnani’s contract? As bad as Roy’s knees are apparently, if he can play 3 more years(which I believe is still left on his deal) he will still be the 3rd or 4th best player out of that draft barring any injuries or tail off inproduction of Aldridge, Rondo or Gay.

          As for Wallace, how do you know he wouldn’t want to stay in Portland? They have a bunch of good pieces, and a smart GM making moves along with a DEEP pocketed owner. He’s played in Portland previously, before he got caught for the dog-fighting stuff, and how do you know he views himself as a superstar or wants to be ona team of that nature?

    • Yup sure, with BC we are so respected around the league. Teams are scared shitless playing against our mighty defense year after year. We have been on the roll since BC took over. The sky is the limit. 5 mil. a year for a genius? That’s peanuts.

      • .
        Teams (as a collection of players), may cherish the prospect of playing the Raptors this year, and I can’t speak for the fans in the States, but GM’s are in a different class than you or I.

        They may argue with each other, and have varying levels of mistrust amongst each other, but for the most part, they all know the end is out there for each and every one of them. And as such, they respect the position.

        It’s a game, and friendly or not, being better is part of the competitive spirit. When Dallas plucked Chandler away from MoJo, it was about winning. But it was also about taking advantage of a GM who lost integrity from the gang (and respect). That trade may have been a salary dump for Charlotte, but as far as I’m concerned, Bobcats got screwed on that one.

        Speaking of trades, and after losing your supposed Super star, Denver looks not good. Melo was over-rated, and Knicks are paying for it. And will continue to.

        As for Toronto in that period of trade/cancel-that-trade moments, it was not only about dealing with someone who’s word has less value, but someone who’s BBall management IQ is severely lacking, and difficult to make sense of. Where one could widely define as Star nepotism – in a Feschuck line of thinking.

    • Please put the kool aid down asap.lol If we (hopefully) lose BC we are going to be a better organization going forward instead of this BC consensus cult like bull chit.

      As well, after BC & Jay bashed (lied) CB in the media after he left for Miami do you really see any f/a’s lining up to play for the Rap’s? The NBA is like a brotherhood and the BC brand is a faded star around the NBA- folks aren’t checking for him 5 years after the fact- he’s all hype.

  14. It’s possible Silvestri doesn’t want Colangelo re-signed because one or more possible buyers said that they want to make that decision after the deal’s done.

    Whatever the reason, I think it’s good news. If this team’s ever going to go anywhere we have to set our standards a lot higher than what Colangelo’s done the past 4 years. If he gets his extension it better be because he gave one hell of a “here’s where I fucked up and here’s how I’ll fix it long-term” interview to the board. Doubt that’s what’s got Peddie talking extension but a fan can hope.

    Go Bulls

  15. Bosh wasnt called the RuPaul of big men for nothing >>Thats the trouble with the raps..no fire, intensity or toughness..Colangelo is to blame for this. Reggie is the only guy with the moxy to intimidate opposing bigs and drivers and he is well past his prime. Stop knocking bargs, plenty of scorers like him who play on balanced teams with tough guys to compensate..Look at Miami for christ sakes! They needed Dampier and he is not tough enough to get them past the celts.

    • there are 0 big men who play like him (both in terms of style and minutes/usage) on good teams.

      You say that the trouble with this team is they have no fire, intensity or toughness… then tell people to not knock Bargs?

      • Every team has a bargs–but the raps have 7 guys with no fire and toughness and less offensive talent. BTW bargs scores 22 per game.

  16. It’s nice to hear some logical well thought out opinions as to why Colangelo should not be re-signed to an extension.

    Even if it does happen I feel better knowing there are others out there who can see through the schtick.

    • .
      And the thoughts to resign him, are not well thought out? Or logical? Because they go against your opinion.
      Now I know we both have zero influence on this decision, but when it does come time to make the call, it will be influenced by some number cruncher – deciding the future of the Toronto Raptors.

      To think this tight-assed accountant will be willing to unload big bucks for a GM, is strictly wishful thinking. We keep talking about how Raptors will – when the time is right – enter that Luxury tax haven (like all Contenders have done for years – maybe even before they were legitimate).

      Never-the-less, what you’ll get if BC leaves, is someone looking to resurrect their career. Or advance it – preferably hoping to end up somewhere else (when it counts). He will be cheap, and learning on the job. And if/when he does, Demar & Ed will have figured it’s time to bolt. And we will be back to what we were – patchwork materials in the spirit of Toronto Maple Leafs.

      Whenever there’s this inevitable side-show of comedy of errors in Toronto, I start to wonder what things would be like if Harold was running the show. At least the head office would be entertaining. Especially with Yolanda as First Lady.

      • As you can see I was only referring to those arguments as to why he should not receive an extension or be retained.

        I would never say that those who would want to keep Colangelo or re-sign him don’t provide arguments that are well thought out or logical.

        I don’t have to agree with your opinion for me to respect it. As I don’t agree with your notion that a new GM will be a failure while learning on the job (Cho is Portland). I’d prefer that than a GM too arrogant to recognize his lack of a vision and moxie to stick to it.

        Without reviewing Colangelo’s history and my interpretation of his failed tenure here, I only point to one thing: This is a results oriented business and the results have been far below what one would expect from one of the highest paid GM’s in the league.

        To briefly add to that, the Raps shouldn’t be in the midst of a partial (yeah it’s not a complete overhaul as it should be) rebuild in year 5 of his tenure here. No results, no plan, no vision, should = no extension.

        Why should failure be rewarded?

        • “As I don’t agree with your notion that a new GM will be a failure while learning on the job (Cho is Portland). I’d prefer that than a GM too arrogant to recognize his lack of a vision and moxie to stick to it.”

          Well put. Another big problem with this dude is his ego. I never heard him saying “Yup, I know I messed things up, if you give me another chance I’ll fix it up. Here is the plan…” Instead he would come up with the list of lame excuses (none of them his fault, of course), re-tooling BS and the legendary “the best teams on paper” story lines.

  17. After 5 years its become apparent BC has no “plan”. the big ticket moves like the O’neil trade and the Turks signing have really shown him to be a big gambler. And a very unlucky one at that. Sure, the Davis and Derosen drafts were smart, but the bad far outweighs the good, here. And the drafting of bargs may prove to be his Waterloo.

    Going the route of the Blazers and Blue Jays with youngish GMs is the way to go. Anyone who buys this NBA street cred crap knows nothing. Players want to win, and play with other great players. you build a winner and players will come. look at those world series Blue Jays teams. they were loaded, and we signed and traded for anybody who had big name.

    • .
      Colangelo is 45 years old – how young do you want the head guy to be?

      [” Players want to win, and play with other great players. you build a winner and players will come. ….. look at those world series Blue Jays teams. they were loaded, and we signed and traded for anybody who had big name. “]

      Great players aren’t rushing to T.O. – do people not understand this. This is Canada – get used to that fact. It’s our Achilles heel.

      As for the Jays, they OUTSPENT the Yankees – in at least one of those Championship years. Fact is, they outspent everyone else. Google the numbers.

      Raptors have never been in luxury tax land, and as long as we have bean counters calling the shots, we never will. This guy Silvestri scares the f^@k out of me.

      • Why does “this Silvestri guy scare the f*@k out of you.”??? you afraid we might be a really bad team??? i think we r at rock bottom now, sir.

        RE BC being 45? well, alex anthopolous is 34, but age isnt the biggest thing. finding somebody who can judge talent, and knows what type of players it takes to win, ie ones who can play defence, would seem important… but my point is also that the obsession with a big name GM has hurt the raps. BC clearly had alott aluck in phoenix. that luck didnt follow him. and any good moves he made just reversed bad ones ie flipping turks for barbosa.

        and as for the “Canada” point, if DDr and Davis and amir form the nucleus of a playoff team, it will make us more attactive to a FA… yer point on the Blue Jays outspending the Yankees is moot (especially if the next cba has a hard cap). the point is the Jays got the guys. they came to Canada. ricky henderson, david cone, etc. they had no problem coming to Siberia to collect their world series rings.

        if we are a contending team, the raps ownership has said they will that extra piece. no point signing a big name to a 15 place team.

        • .
          Why am I afraid of this guy?

          You’re not afraid of a guy who has no knowledge of the NBA (other than watching it), and who’s about to decide who’ll be in charge of basketball operations for the next 4 or 5 years? Someone who thinks like an accountant, because he is one. Where the Shareholder is King. Someone who strives to maintain costs & salaries to no end (including the GM`s).

          As for the Canadian point, I keep repeating myself, that this negative is always understated. Sure, NBA players (or former ones) will say that’s bull. But for every Red Rocket wanting to park his butt on our Canadian tundra, there are hundreds who’d rather just say ‘no thanks’ – politely I might say. Sure, Toronto teams have lured top level talent here in the past. But they went above the crowd doing it. And it was few and far between.

          Jays: Had the Highest payroll – even higher than the YANKEES. Plus we had the relatively new “Skydome” – a best of both worlds ball field. And what is forgotten with the Blue Jays, is a minor league system that basketball could only dream about. Talent can be grown and nurtured …. in the States no less.

          Argos: Tried to pull in some “supposedly” top US talent, yet never prospered. Probably because the real talented football players would never come here.

          Leafs: 50+ % of NHL players are Canadians. The real disadvantages for the Leafs attracting talent, is not about being in Canada. It`s about being in Toronto – with a soup bowl of fans that never stop questioning.

  18. .
    [ “Number cruncher standing in way of Colangelo’s new contract. ” (Feschuk) ]

    This headline scares me. Sounds like a Maple Leaf scenario is developing, where bean counters are calling the shots.

    Say what you will about BC – and he is following the road we’ve always wanted him to – but next thing you know we’ll have Harold Ballard the Sequel running this franchise. If that happens, you can say goodbye to competing.

    • If it was a complete rebuild and following the road most fans want we would not still be watching Bargnani and Calderon as these guys would have new homes and the team would be truly horrendous (for this year) but at least the culture of NO D and non-accountability would be the first step in bigger and broader change.

      The next step would be to acquire talent through the draft, which we are hoping will start to happen this year pending anymore BC trading of 1st round picks.

      We no longer have use for a GM whose brought “his vision” of entertaining non-winning basketball trying to reinvent the wheel. Start from scratch with some defensive emphasis as this team has no identity.

      • Agree. This is not a complete rebuild. This is what genius GM, worshiped by so many, calls “re-tooling”. WTF is that, anyway? When he took over 5 years ago, he promised the change of culture, he promised bringing “winning culture” to TO.

        Dude is a gambler without any strategy, plain and simple. If he had any plans, we would have seen results by now. Going 5 years with only one winning season are the proof for that.

        In the mean time, Atlantic division teams got much better, while he never managed to pull any meaningful transaction to make this wreck of the team at least bearable to watch.

      • .
        [” … we would not still be watching Bargnani and Calderon as these guys would have new homes … “]

        Jose was gone, but thanks to Michael Jackass, we have what we have. We can debate about the effect Chandler would’ve had on this team, but that trade offered a different dynamic. For BC’s part, he had to deal with the ramifications – a loyal player being dealt, then not dealt.

        As for D, I have to lay the blame at the hands of both players and coaching. Which does involve accountability. The unfortunate part about this year, was the number of injuries on a team that lacks any real depth. Take today’s game for example. At one point, Raps had a Front Court of Reggie (who has lots of heart) & Joey Dorsey. That pretty much says it all. Think about that for a second – Reggie & Joey.

        [” The next step would be to acquire talent through the draft, which we are hoping will start to happen this year pending anymore BC trading of 1st round picks. “]

        People are divided about whether we should’ve traded our second 1st round pick (Miami’s) for James Johnson. I’m in the crowd that thinks this was a steal.

        IMO, BC has adjusted his thinking. Yes, they’ve been not great choices before, but now that he’s focused on youth development, why jettison him. He’s had a decent history of draft picks. Finding the right player can be a crap shoot at times. Ask Portland if they’d do the same thing again – despite how talented Roy is. Unless there’s a minor miracle in science happening, he’s all but done in this league.

        As for restarting with a new GM, and everything else – no thanks. Toronto is a perpetual ground for reboots, and it wears on the fans. We have the possibility of a 1st overall pick. And yes, in a bad draft. Never-the-less, we have VERY young team (one of the youngest) to move forward with. And as difficult as this season has been, I like where we’re going NOW. Not yesterday, but now.
        Whenever I review BC’s past, there’s always been a part of me that sees MLSE influence. That might be just cynical on my part – after seeing it for way too often in Toronto – but until Jay is gone, I still think someone’s got their foot on the brake/gas at times.

        • i have thought about yer comments “for a second”:

          “As for D, I have to lay the blame at the hands of both players and coaching. Which does involve accountability. The unfortunate part about this year, was the number of injuries on a team that lacks any real depth. Take today’s game for example. At one point, Raps had a Front Court of Reggie (who has lots of heart) & Joey Dorsey. That pretty much says it all. Think about that for a second – Reggie & Joey.”

          you seem to make the opposite case. Reggie and Joey. not allstars. no amount of coaching makes these guys anything but role players. management (BC) assembled this talent-reduced roster. Jay triano cant do much with this.

        • I am in COMPLETE agreement with you that as long as Jay has been the head coach of this team I firmly believe this is a Tannenbaum, MLSE related decision which Colangelo has won favour for.

          As for defence and putting the blame on the players and coaches, Corey just pointed out the fact, but who has assembled this roster? The position redundancies and the acquisition of guys that don’t get after it on the defensive end cannot solely be put on Triano can it?

          When do you tihnk Colangelo made the decision to build around youth? It certainly wasn’t prior to the attempted Calderon trade as that was clearly a move to try and hang around and get an 8th seed inthe playoffs. And to be perfectly honest with you outside of the acquisition of Davis through the draft the Raptor ‘reclaimation project movement’ (Bayless, Ajinca, Wright, Johnson) is not doing it for me as all of those players have been given up on for a reason.

  19. It’s not so much that I’m dead against a new GM, because I’m not. What’s really unsettling about this is the nature of the decision-making behind MLSE and their damnable “Board of Directors”

    Let’s have a look at the background of the guy who’s going to make one of the most important decisions in one of the NBA’s most valuable franchises, shall we?

    “Glen Silvestri leads the fund’s private equity transactions in the telecom, media, technology and energy services sectors. He joined Teachers’ in 2001 with a background in M&A and finance.” — Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan website

    When this fatcat sits his chubby white ass into his Mercedes in the morning, drives to the ACC and thinks he can start making decisions about the NBA…well, I don’t need to tell you that’s a problem.

    Basketball decisions need to be made by basketball people. The anti-Colangelo crowd who are heralding this guy as the savior that will get BC’s ass out of Toronto are fools who can’t see the real problem when it’s right before their eyes.

    • .
      Totally agree.

      And I think we’re delusional to expect all these high-level, highly respected individuals, are just dying to run this franchise. That opportunity is no different than all the f*@king free agents that are begging to come here.
      As I see, Colangelo has more or less been learning his job here – without Dad. That learning includes understanding that “Canada” is a barrier to getting Lebron, Bosh, Wade, Garnett, Rondo, Melo, Howard, Kobe, Gasol (even Marc), Noah, Amare, and pretty much anybody with serious talent, coming to the frozen north. We have to grow it, and that’s what we’re doing – painful as it is. Bosh is gone, and that era wasn’t handled well by BC. So we dust off the BS, and move on like we’re doing.
      IMO, If Bosh could see into the future, he still would’ve wanted out of here. It’s a fact, and most GOOD GM’s know that. While some Raptor fans may not respect BC, I do believe he’s respected around the league – that’s why he’s been able to make some messed up trades – like Hedo for Barbosa. Especially when one considers the contracts involved.

      I’m not an advocate of a 5 year extension for Colangelo, but I do think we should extend for 2 or 3 years, and anything beyond that would be a MLSE option.

      • I agree,

        Colangelo’s tenure under the Bosh regime was disasterous, period. His faults were many, including lavishing Bargs with a contract when he hadn’t done anything in the league.

        But…he is accelerating the rebuild process and he made a good selection with Ed Davis (the jury is still out on Derozan for me). He’s doing what should have been done with this team a little while ago.

        If Colangelo is firm on 5 years at the same price – laugh in his fucking face

        If he is willing to accept 2-3 years and an option, then we’ll talk.

        • What is BC rebuilding from?

          The Rap’s have missed the playoffs the past 2 seasons?

          Don’t drink that BC kool aid pr media spin ie rebuilding, to disguise that BC has messed up this team with his personnel (player/coaching) decisions- point blank.

          Not to mention that the Atlantic Division (& Eastern Conference) is getting stronger w/ both the Knicks & 76er’s currently playing above .500 playoff caliber basketball. NJ acquiring DWill (will attract f/a’s to NJ) not to mention the Celtics whom (KG, Pierce, Allen) defy aging have added some youth to their core in Green. Unless TO acquires DHoward or another NBA star player they look to be bottom feeders in the Atlantic (Eastern Conference) for the foreseeable future as they have no star players.

          Fyi -accelerating the so called rebuilding process would have been to acquire DWill like NJ did at the trade deadline. Rookies take time to develope and the last thing the Rap’s need is another rookie- they need proven NBA vets, especially with a NBA lock out looming but hopefully someone other than BC will be making those Raptor basketball related decisions come next season.

          • I don’t think there’s enough talent on this roster where adding vets would help. An ideal situation would be where the young kids take over games, while the vets provide guidance and discipline as the marathon season moves forward. But I just don’t see DeRozan or Davis as those stud, talented players (yet).

            • Depends on what vets you get and what Rap’s you get rid of as DD & Davis are 2-3 years away from being consistent impact players in my mind.

              DD needs to do some serious pg dribbling drills but his mid-range game reminds me of a young Richard Hamiltion a bit.

              If this is really a rebuild as BC says then why isn’t Davis getting force fed minutes? Why is Jose playing the majority at pg? Why is Barg’s still playing 35 plus minutes a game?

    • ever think he is making a financial decision as he is concerned that BC will NOT be able to fill the seats, increase income etc in the near future or long term, (given what he has done in the recent past and this season?)

      You guys think this is a philosophical basketball related decision. I will bet it is not.

      Oh by the way, as he represents the majority owner of MLSE, who owns the Toronto Raptors… he IS one of the bosses. He IS allowed to make basketball related decisions.

    • BC is a baskeball person? Has he ever played?

      BC is a product of privileged Ivy League connections and his daddy’s nepotism in Phoenix- no wonder he lies to fans like a politician.

      The real problem is BC as he is the President & GM of Raptor basketball- no checks and balances just a BC consensus.

      Hopefully new ownership will install a new front office team, scouting department, game announcers/analyst, coaches (Alvin Williams, JYD & Alex English are the only 3 I would keep in the Rap’s organization) and trade Jose & Bargnani out of town.

      Folks, players will come to Canada to play- don’t believe the media hype. If the team, organization is solid players will come to play for the Rap’s.

      • Lol, I looove hearing comments like these from the armchair managers that think they know how to run a basketball franchise, it’s always the same bunch, and always the same crap. Thank god they’ll never be anywhere close to running a NBA franchise.

        • BL,

          As fans who truly want this franchise to succeed, people are critical when they see no progress of any sort. In fact, the Raptors are regressing year after year. I know it’s off topic, but Mr. Colangelo is paid a lot of money to do what he is supposed to do — to run this franchise SUCCESSFULLY. It takes a brain surgeon many years to make what Colangelo makes in a year). Off topic, I know, I know…

          I am sure there are plenty of qualified people out there (not armchair managers such as myself) who could run this franchise successfully. It’s not a brain surgery or the rocket science after all. If he cannot do it, let’s see who can. What is there to lose? Can the next person do much worse?

          After all, Colangelo had only 1 winning season here in 5 years. One or none, whatever. Does not make much difference IMO.

        • BC is having a kool aid drinking contest at the ACC for those who believe in his rebuilding propaganda & European Raptor basketball vision.

        • come on – this site is full of basketball genuises who can foresee the future – I am sure NBA owners will be combing this site when they have GM openings in the future – after all there are so many on this website who know they would have picked Roy or Gay 1st rather than the 6th or 8th they were actually picked!

  20. A 5 year deal is pure insanity. He should consider himself lucky if he gets offered 2-3 years as others have stated.

    It’s been consistently downhill since his first year, and at the end of the day it’s wins and losses that matter. I couldn’t give a shit about how much money MLSE is making and they would make more if the team was better.

    Apart from the goofs everyone knows about, losing Bosh for pretty much nothing is unforgivable, especially for a franchise that lost VC and McGrady for nothing. BC just completely overplayed his hand. He convinced himself Bosh wanted the money more than anything and that he would get a S+T to his liking if Bosh decided to leave. And the way he dealt with his mistake publicly was a fucking embarrassment, pretending that he’s happy now with the flexibility etc. Look, he wanted a Bosh-Bargs frontcourt locked up long-term, and when that didn’t work out, he tried getting Chandler to pair with Bargs. What kind of vision is that? Look at the starting lineups that began the season for the last 2 years. Defence anyone? How can people defend giving this guy a long-term deal?

    He has some strengths as a GM, but overall I don’t trust him at all. And Bargs fans be damned, BC’s love affair with that guy and bidding against himself to sign him when he did is enough to make me want another GM.

    • BC thought that he could flex his muscles and send CB to a team that offered the most in a S&T but Riley had already played BC out most likely knowing that CB was headed to Miami as far back as the JO (#1 2012 Rap’s Lottery draft pick which BC got back)/Marion-Banks deal.

      BC tried to posture on CB in the media but CB could have signed w/ the Heat outright as an unrestricted f/a and left BC with absolutely nothing instead BC subsequently got Bayless, James Johnson & whomever the Rap’s draft for CB as for the CB TPE (around 10 million left) it will most likely go unused.

      Then both BC & Jay aka dumb & dumber tried to bash CB’s character in the media by questioning his commitment to the Rap’s on his way to Miami instead of acting with a touch of class & wishing him well. That media bashing along with the constant losing has BC’s star fading around the NBA as no one will look at him as a preferred destination with other options.

      BC lies like a politician politicking to Raptors fans and supporters- everything that comes out of his privileged Harvard mouth is condescending to most Rap’s fans like we don’t understand pertinent basketball related particulars.

      I don’t trust BC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anyone thinking that this is just a way for teachers to force Larry T. to hurry up and finance his offer to buy them out? That’s my guess.

  22. Bring back Rob Babcock! says the bean counter Silvestri, after all he’s cheep… and maybe he will draft the next Rafael Araujo!….. Yea baby!!!!

    • Cannot see that much difference between Babcock’s and Colangelo’s overall record. Mr. Colangelo had only one winning season in past 5 years. Also, he did nothing to compensate for Bosh’s departure, while other Eastern Conference Teams made all kinds of transactions and got much better. I don’t see Raptors reaching playoffs in the next few years. I hope I am wrong, though.

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