Raptors Roll Call April 26 vs Nets

A triple double, a perennial D Leaguer with 19 rebounds, DeMar dressed like a clown, we win more games in a short season than a regular length season...Silliness.

The “bloodbath” edition:

Alabi: how tired must he be right about now?  40 minutes of burn, 19 rebounds and shooting 30% from the field. At least his free throw form looked good. Talk about whetting our appetite, though. Up and down the floor quickly, jumping out of the gym, 3 blocks. He’d be a MVP in the Canadian Basketball Universe.

Anderson: a fun game for him in what was his last dress rehearsal before coming back as a NBA’er next season. Can’t see him not being picked up for back up duty on a mediocre squad. 20 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists.

Davis: the only dude to play in every game this season as a Raptor and he went out with a bang. 43 minutes, 10 of 15 (!), 12 rebounds 24 points. Sure this came against a team that I could beat on my XBox with no batteries in my controller, but we Raptor fans will take any glimmer on this guy.

Forbes: evidently Gary hates the colour orange with black pinstripes because every time he got the ball in his hand, he was tossing it up. 21 FG attempts, 9 of them from deep, for 23 points. It seemed like he wanted to treat the fans to pizza all on his own.

J. Johnson: thank heavens this is the last I’ll see of this egotistical bum for a month or two. Surely he’ll be in the summer league, for punishment if nothing else. 4 turnovers in 19 minutes against a team manned by the Lollipop Guild looks good on him.

Magloire: classy move to have him start in what could be his last NBA game as a player. Didn’t do much in 5 minutes, but still nice to see a Canadian represent on home soil for one last time. Still think Coach should have done the intro, but whatever.

Uzoh: Alvin Williams finally has a table guest. 11 years ago Alvin had a triple double, and now Ben Uzoh has done something that will never be taken away from him. 12 points, 12 assists, 11 rebounds….and all with 2 minutes of breathing time on the bench.  Again, obviously an asterisk beside it given the lack of competition (felt would have proved a better defender) but still something to tell the Uzoh grandkids about.

Driving the bus: Ben Uzoh

Under the bus: James Johnson

Theme of the Game: