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Morning Coffee: March 13th Edition

How Landry got his groove back … A lot of bush-league GM’s out there with opinions on the future of this team … Raptors play the Celtics in Boston

Toronto Star | Raptors: Big man Andrea Bargnani could be done for season

While waiting for doctors to fully assess his reinjured right elbow, the team’s hierarchy is concerned it could be an injury serious enough that some thought will be given to having Bargnani take the rest of the season off.

Toronto Sun | Landry Fields getting more comfortable after injury problems

The former Knicks forward’s first year in a Raptors uniform has been a challenge from the outset, but he sees better times ahead. If it wasn’t initially trying too hard to live up to a contract that for reasons well beyond his own respected talents got elevated to a level that made justifying it almost impossible, then it was the onset of a nerve problem that began in his elbow but affected his hand and therefore just about every part of his game.

Rant Sports | Toronto Raptors Must Amnesty Andrea Bargnani

If Colangelo couldn’t get anything in return for the Italian earlier, what makes anyone think he can get anything better this summer? It would be easier just to wipe the mistake off the books. Trust me in saying that no one will bid for Bargnani’s services. If another team wasn’t willing to part with even a draft pick, why would they part with a couple of million dollars?

CBSSports | Toronto at Boston

“What I was thinking was that I wish I would have given Kevin (Garnett) a night off too, in the middle of the game,” said Rivers, whose team fell to 14-6 since Rondo suffered a season-ending torn ACL. “That would have been terrific. Then we would have had two guys that had gotten some rest.”

Bleacher Report | Toronto Raptors vs. Boston Celtics: Preview, Analysis and Predictions

Meanwhile, the playoff race is of no concern to the Raptors this season. Their dreadful 4-19 start put them behind the eight-ball in the race, though they have played above .500 basketball since. The return to solid play down the stretch will be of little help this season, but Toronto fully expects to make the playoffs in 2013-14, and games like this could be a litmus test.

Globe and Mail | Leafs and Raptors ticket price hike a simple case of supply and demand

act: You will pay more to see the Raptors, even if general manager Bryan Colangelo returns to finish the NBA’s version of Mr. Potato Head that has occupied his time for the better part of a decade. (Stop putting the ears where the eyes go, Bryan. They won’t fit.)

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