Raptors Weekly Podcast, Aug 17 – With Matt Devlin

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The voice of the Raptors, Matt Devlin, took some time to talk Raptors basketball on a wide-ranging set of topics.

  • 4 games in 5 nights minimized
  • Wale incident
  • Does acquisition of defensive talent warrant change in defensive tactics?
  • Surprised at Lou Williams allowed to walk?
  • Manner of sweep dictating the off-season moves
  • The game that changed the course of last season
  • Kyle Lowry’s off-season fitness
  • Light at PF – how would matchups vs Pau Gasol or Kevin Love work out?
  • Jonas Valanciunas – what’s the one thing he needs to do to get to the next level?
  • Raptors tendency to matchup versus dictating matchups
  • Who was the most vocal player in the locker room, the one providing veteran leadership last season?
  • Paul Pierce comments
  • Who will replace Amir Johnson?
  • Thoughts on Amir Johnson as a person
  • Flying on the Raptors charter
  • Do you get to see the cities when travelling on the road?
  • 2016 free agency – is the Kevin Durant talk crazy?
  • Possibility of Toronto signing a top-tier player
  • Drake effect – players relationship with Drake
  • Raptors fans and their effect on players
  • When does Matt’s Raptors work start?
  • Who’s the Raptors best three-point shooter?
  • Terrence Ross’s upcoming season and expectations
  • Mixing and matching bench/starters
  • DeMar DeRozan improvements

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (54:55, 79 MB). Or just listen below:

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