Report: Jonas Valanciunas Offered Long-Term Contract by Raptors

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As per Jonas Miklovas, who covers the Lithuanian national team for, the Raptors have offered Jonas Valanciunas a long-term contract (Lithuanian article), but have requested that he undergo certain medical examinations.

Now, I have now idea what the credibility of the source is, and if this information is true, it certainly isn’t being leaked from MLSE.  The writer in question does hover around the Lithuanian players a lot, so there might be some truth to this.

The Jonas Valanciunas extension has been covered including his reported desire for a max-deal.

It is in the best interest of the Raptors free-agency aspirations next summer to hold off on a Valanciunas-deal if the amount is under $11/yr (which it won’t be) as that’s what his cap-hold is for next summer.  If they do extend him, they entire next free-agency with more money tied up than if they negotiate next summer.

Either way, the bottom line is that re-signing Valanciunas should be a top priority, and it appears the Raptors want to get that sorted out quickly.

UPDATE – Stein is reporting now:

It’s a $15M/yr deal, which honestly, is quite reasonable given the new salary cap.  Here’s how his cap-percentage looks like:

2016-17: 17%

2017-18 and beyond: 14%


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