VIDEO: DeMarre Carroll in funny Humane Society PSA

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The Toronto Raptors’ marquee offseason acquisition counts himself a dog man. That shouldn’t be surprising given his name is Junkyard Dog 2.0 and because, well, dogs are great. They’re better than humans in many cases, and unquestionably better than cats, who want to control and kill you.

Anyway, DeMarre Carroll appears in a new promotional video for the Toronto Humane Society that was released Tuesday. It’s pretty funny, as Carroll gets his dunk attempt blocked when he’s distracted by a group of puppies. The spot is a part of the THS’s Adopt a Teammate campaign.

You can read more about Adopt a Teammate here. I highly recommend it. After never having a dog my entire life, I had one for a little over two years a while back and it was awesome (he wasn’t a rescue/adoption, but still). This is Jose, who was named after Calderon/Bautista and would be the best rim protector the Raptors have ever had.
I strongly recommend adopting if you can, and I’ll (hopefully) be doing the same in the spring.

And if you HAVE to go cat over dog, make sure it’s a junkyard cat born in gasoline and resistant to all fire.

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