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VIDEO: Vice goes shopping with DeMarre Carroll

It’s no secret that DeMarre Carroll has a keen sense of fashion. While skewing garish (and expensive), the self-named Sr. Swag Daddy always has an interesting outfit, and one of the best boot games in the great white north. In November, I wrote a bit about this and his attempts to spread the swag.

Well, our friends over at Vice went a step further than writing about it: They went shopping with Carroll. It’s a fun seven-minute video put together by some good dudes, and it’s accompanied by a Q&A with Carroll from Chris O’Leary.

We normally don’t do a lot of aggregating here, but this is some fun, light stuff to help break up a bad two weeks around the Raptors. (And please, for the love of shammgod, miss me with the silly “he should worry about his game and not his clothes” takes, as if you work 24 hours a day and have no interests outside of your job.)

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