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The Talking Raptors Hotline

Let's get through this together.

You guys do anything last night?

The Talking Raptors podcast has launched into the late 20th century and setup the Talking Raptors Hotline! This is a place where fellow Raptors fans can leave their thoughts on anything Raptors related. It’s sort of like talk radio except it’s voicemail and there’s no limits which usually leads to a lot more swearing.

Each week on the podcast we feature messages left by Raptors faithful dealing with anything from postgame reactions, nickname suggestions, podcast commentary or whatever. Below are a few samples. Again, there’s some salty language so adjust your speakers accordingly.

Feel free to hit us up when you’ve got something on your mind, 877-207-8611.


Big B recently checked in to give some background on the relationship between DeMar DeRozan and Master P.


Last night’s game against the Bucks didn’t go too well and fans didn’t hold back.


The greeting at the hotline is done by the voice of Talking Raptors, Monty Scott. Aaron from New Jersey and Brendan from Philadelphia had different opinions when it came to the format.


There’s been a surprising amount of rap left at the hotline. Alex from San Francisco has dropped a couple fire tracks and even introduced the guys to Quidditch


It’s all happening! Hit us up and let us know your thoughts on anything Raptors related. Now let’s all drink moonshine and forget Thursday night ever happened. Let’s go Raptors!

The Rapcast can be found wherever you download podcasts.