What each Raptors player should be thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving from RR! Nothing much going on but Morning Coffee has a round-up. Also, do check out the pics from yesterday’s open scrimmage.

Here’s what each Raptors should be thankful for (other than making millions for playing a game):

Kawhi Leonard: For having to relatively risk-free test out a whole new team, country, culture, and atmosphere than he’s been used to his entire career.

Kyle Lowry: For being able to partner with the best Raptors player ever – yeah, on a friendship level the DeMar thing probably didn’t feel good, but pound-for-pound he’s in a better chance to nail that elusive championship than he has ever been.

Jonas Valanciunas: For having a coach that supports him and believes in him.

OG Anunoby: For being able to learn from one of the best at their position.

Danny Green: For getting a starting gig after what was deemed a “bad year” for him.

Greg Monroe: For still being considered valuable when much of the NBA seems to have moved on from his type.

Norman Powell: For playing time. Any playing time. Even in practice.

Serge Ibaka: For all that cash money he’s getting – what a great deal he negotiated!

CJ Miles: For having enough NBA talent that when he does get shipped, he’ll find a role somewhere.

Fred Van Vleet: For finding a perfect spot in Toronto. Being undrafted generally means you’re off to Europe or China, so stories like these are special.

Delon Wright: For recovering from him injuries and ails to finally being on his way to becoming the player we all thought he’d be.

Pascal Siakam: For making it into the rotation as a 27th pick – the draft matters!

Malachi Richardson and Lorenzo Brown: For not being in the G-League.

Nick Nurse: For being in the right spot at the right time…and for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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