Raptors Weekly Podcast – More Than a Rock

Sam and Zarar take time on a lazy Thanksgiving Monday evening to talk Raps at the RR studio.

Sam and Zarar take time on a lazy Thanksgiving Monday evening to talk Raps at the RR studio.  Topics include:

  • Organizing one’s life
  • Nick Nurse’s history and luck
  • Differences in Dwane Casey and Nick Nurse’s demeanour
  • Scotiabank vs ACC
  • Norm’s mini-revival
  • The new reduced Raptors playbook
  • Bench unit compared to other teams
  • Ibaka’s not done
  • Raptors franchise bringing along forwards
  • JV’s face-up game
  • The Magic of Monroe
  • Effects of taking Kawhi out of the Spurs system
  • Risk analysis – Raptors pre-mortem
  • Bulls vs Warriors
  • What does it take for us to get on TV on Christmas Day?
  • Can broey Nick Nurse handle the personalities?
  • The Raptors and the zone
  • Canadian vs American Thanksgiving
  • Starting OG vs Green
  • Noticeable improvements from a player this pre-season?
  • The Kangaroo Killer
  • Best Raptors ball inbounder in crunch situation
  • Can Kawhi win both MVP and DPOY?
  • Which Raptors wife/girlfriend/mother hurt the Raptors the most?
  • Can Pascal play the five? What is the five anymore anyway?
  • What does Norm need to do to be a trade chip?
  • Delon and Fred’s role
  • What to do with Delon’s contract situation?
  • Advantages/benefits of wholesale hockey changes
  • Is small-ball a sword or a shield?
  • What’s happening with The Rock?
  • Shorter pre-season leading to secondary competition
  • History of the Raptors Weekly/Raptors Weekly Extra name

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