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Raptors Republic: An Ad-Free Experience

Raptors Republic now offers an ad-free experience.

We have a few goals that we strive towards:

  • That we produce great and consistent content.
  • That we provide our readers with a pleasant user experience.
  • That we respect and protect our readers’ privacy.
  • That we stay true to our core principle of being an inclusive community which does not use paywalls.
  • That we have a sustainable model where our content creators are compensated.

The nature of online content often puts these goals in conflict with each other.  To help us reach our goals, we are trying a new experiment: an ad-free experience for Patrons.  What is Patreon? It’s a secure and reliable website where you can support content creators like RR by giving a monthly donation of as little as $1/month (we suggest $3/month 🙂

Once you are an RR patron, we’ll email you a the ad-free link through which you need to visit once to access the site ad-free.

Some benefits:

  • No ads
  • Significantly less mobile data usage (as ads consume a lot of bandwidth)
  • Better privacy (No ads means third parties don’t access your data)
  • No auto-playing video
  • Other features that we haven’t quite figured out yet (we’re thinking about them – if you got suggestions, drop us a line –

If you encounter any issue with this process, email us at