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Raptors sign Malcolm Miller to Exhibit-10 Contract

Per Blake Murphy, the Raptors have signed Malcolm Miller to an Exhibit-10 contract today. They intend to immediately waive him, and then pick him up with the Raptors 905. The deal will offer Miller financial security and a home to rehab, while giving the Raptors more time with an immensely likeable player.

The deal is mutually beneficial for a variety of reasons. From Miller’s side, he tore his labrum during summer league playing for the Raptors, which was a huge disappointment. Despite sitting out the beginning of the 2017-18 season due to ankle surgery, Miller put up impressive numbers last year. He scored 12.6 points per game last year for the 905, on 43.8 / 37.9 / 79.8 splits, including nearly six triples attempted a game. He added 5.1 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game, emerging as a clear second-option for the 905 behind Lorenzo Brown. Miller was by far the best shooter on the team, and he could easily approach 40 percent from deep if he was asked to take easier shots.

When Lorenzo Brown went down with an injury for the 905, Miller showed a spark of playmaking ability. Thought not a handsy defender – not forcing many turnovers – Miller has great positioning and defensive awareness. However, his injury will likely delay Miller’s ability to broaden his game beyond his 3-D outline. When he returns in January, Miller will probably focus on returning to form, improving his stamina and conditioning. With both Raptors’ two-way spots taken, expect Miller to be a popular target among other G-League teams in January for a two-way spot. He could also draw some attention for end-of-rotation signings at the NBA level when healthy.

Miller’s strong play in the G-League, as well as his ability to fit in seamlessly in the few minutes he played with the big club, led to him almost signing a multi-year deal with the Raptors this off-season, again per Blake. His torn labrum derailed those plans, but Miller will now have access to the 905’s medical staff during his rehabilitation. He was a coachable player and good teammate, and he was always willing to defend big forwards despite his natural offensive position of shooting guard. Miller will earn a $50 000 bonus when he’s waived and signs with the 905, and the 905 will be happy to have him around again.

At worst, Miller will be a happy cheerleader for the 905 during his injury, offering veteran knowledge to the young projects sure to sign in Mississauga. At best, he could return to health and play serious minutes for the 905 down the stretch. Either way, it’s a solid move for the Raptors, who are in the beginning stages of crafting their G-League roster.

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