Video: Kawhi Leonard’s first ever technical foul and Nick Nurse’s reaction

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This is quite unreal. Kawhi Leonard got hacked hard going to the basket where his arm was clearly grabbed. You could hear him yell out, “He grabbed my arm!” as it happened. On the ensuing possession for the Heat once play stopped, Leonard went to the official and cited his case modestly. That resulted in a technical which nobody even noticed was called when it was. Here’s the sequence:

Leonard has played 422 games and 12,864 minutes and picked up one technical. And even in that one technical the official was blatantly wrong.

Other than that, it was a fairly routine win for the Raptors. Check the Quick Reaction for that.

Nick Nurse was asked whether he had to calm Kawhi down, but looked astounded that it was his first ever T:

That was his first career technical? I didn’t even notice him over there talking to [the official]. I didn’t have to do too much, he wasn’t that upset. Probably didn’t deserve it.

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