Marc Gasol and the Elements of an Intro

It’s been nearly a week since Masai and Bobby struck a deal to bring Marc Gasol to Toronto, and through two games his impact has been clear.  He is scoring efficiently, defending more than capably while quarterbacking the players in front of him with constant talking, and whipping passes that are so astounding or quick they have often caused surprise from the receiving player.

Early results show him fitting like a glove and helping bring about a more cohesive style of play in Toronto and that is despite coming off the bench for the first two games.  Time will hopefully make it all a little bit smoother still, as only familiarity and repetition can bring this about, but there is at least one item that needs to be sorted out immediately.

Marc Gasol has no idea what he should do when Lowry gets introduced at home.

Look at that body language.  He may be having fun witnessing the proceedings in front of him, but he is clearly feeling like the new kid in school that isn’t sure what lunch table to eat at.

To be fair to Marc though, this Raptors tradition is largely absurd but is also simultaneously the best player introduction in all of the NBA.  Behold the festivities in their full glory:

We got push-ups, and planks, and crunches, Russian twists, and players simply getting as low(ry) to the ground as possible.  And most importantly we have smiles.  Look at OG here, as that dude is having the time of his life getting to do crunches in front of 20,000 people.

But where does that leave Marc?  How can Big Spain get involved in this team camaraderie, while at the same time bringing his own personal touch to the mix?

I got a top 5 to help our newest hero.

5. Chest bump:

It’s an option, but the size difference could cause problems and hurt Kyle.  Down vote.

4. The Solemn handshake:

This is always a subtle baller move.  It’s classy, respectful, and stands out for its complete lack of flair.  You know those videos where the grade school teacher has a unique handshake for every kid in the room?  I’d 100 percent be the one who just shakes his hand.  That kid stands out because he doesn’t need to impress anyone with something complicated.

Marc is all business in his approach to basketball, bringing a cerebral approach to the game.  A straight forward handshake does just that, because he’s a business man.

3. Jonas Style Jump High 5:

This always felt like an underrated part of the celebration.  Lowry comes out of the tunnel of players on the ground and explodes into the air for a way-up high five.  It was a reminder that despite his stature and booty Lowry still got some explosion in them legs.

And while Marc appears to be fitting in great with his new team, there is a part of us all that misses the human that was Jonas Valanciunas.  This is not the greatest handshake in the world, but this is a great tribute.

2. Dirty Dancing Lift:

Kyle emerges from the crowd of teammates sprawled across the court.  He pauses to take in his surroundings, and looking trustingly into the eyes of the 7ft Spaniard that stands before him.  Suddenly he starts to spring straight ahead, perfectly timing his jump as Marc lifts him above his head.  Magic has happened.  Beauty is before us.

1. Undertaker Rises:

Rise up.  Dap Lowry.  We got ourselves a winner.

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