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Reliving the mess in Cleveland

Let’s try a new thing. Let’s walk through some memorable moments in tonight’s Raptors game using all sorts of voices, as well as some quotes here and there. Let’s call it a curated post game experience? I’m workshopping that.

But then the bench – buoyed by Pascal Siakam – got the game back in hand, at least for a short time.

“You might need a little whiskey watching the Cavaliers this year,” said Jack Armstrong at the top of the second. Yup, Jack. Yup.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland offence shot itself in the foot as much as it was ‘stopped’ by brilliant defence from the Raptors.

But turnovers put Toronto back in the hole. They compiled nine only a few minutes into the second quarter.

More turnovers, more Cleveland baskets. Things got dark for a minute.

Gasol had trouble defending the rim or scoring in the post.

There were potential injuries.

The third quarter didn’t start any better, as Colin Sexton started to rain jumpers.

Want another example of the Raptors’ lack of focus? “The Raptors have been abysmal at the free throw line tonight,” moaned Matt midway through the second. “Just four-for-ten. Ouch.”

Kevin Love got in on the fun.

“The Cavs are the more deserving team right now,” said Jack. “They have been better.”

A few fouls were called on Toronto, and Siakam earned his fourth. It wouldn’t be a Raptors game without some griping about the refs.

So then, obviously, because what else, Ibaka got into an actual fist fight with Chriss. Jokes were made.

Ibaka refused to say what specifically set him off. He just blamed the general chirping.

Then, as soon as play resumed

And so let’s end it there. Lowry has a twisted ankle, and that’s probably worse than any other part of the game. Weird game, possibly weird format for a piece, but let’s find out.

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