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Quick Reaction: Raptors 105, Warriors 92 (Raptors lead series 3-1)

TOR Raptors 105 Final
Box Score
92 GS Warriors

P. Siakam41 MIN, 19 PTS, 5 REB, 1 AST, 0 STL, 6-14 FG, 0-2 3FG, 7-8 FT, 1 BLK, 1 TO, 5 +/-

There were some rough early minutes for Pascal, as he struggled to attack the Warriors defense and find seams in the first half, but did he ever make up for it in the second half with great play at both ends of the floor to help the Raptors take control. His poise is incredible given the size of the moment.

K. Leonard41 MIN, 36 PTS, 12 REB, 2 AST, 4 STL, 11-22 FG, 5-9 3FG, 9-9 FT, 1 BLK, 0 TO, 11 +/-

Board man gets paid.

It looked rough for the Raptors in the first quarter, but Kawhi came through and carried the team when the other guys didn’t have it, and then he just kept it going in the second half when everyone else started to roll. He delivered everything Toronto needed tonight.

M. Gasol28 MIN, 9 PTS, 7 REB, 3 AST, 1 STL, 3-8 FG, 1-4 3FG, 2-2 FT, 0 BLK, 1 TO, 1 +/-

This wasn’t the best game from Gasol, but it was still solid enough. He definitely turned down some great looks when the offense needed him to assert himself, but his defense was solid again and he did have some really good second half moments.

K. Lowry37 MIN, 10 PTS, 2 REB, 7 AST, 3 STL, 3-12 FG, 0-4 3FG, 4-4 FT, 0 BLK, 2 TO, 5 +/-

Don’t care what the shooting numbers say in this game, Lowry was one of the best players on the floor. Absolutely dominant with his passing in the second half to find open shots for his teammates, and made his presence felt everywhere on the floor like he always does.

D. Green30 MIN, 3 PTS, 3 REB, 1 AST, 3 STL, 1-8 FG, 1-7 3FG, 0-0 FT, 0 BLK, 2 TO, 11 +/-

The Raptors definitely could’ve used Danny finding the range on a few more shots, and they’ll probably need that in game 5. Still, his defense was pretty good in the second half, especially after Fred got hurt, and the three he did hit was a huge one.

F. VanVleet29 MIN, 8 PTS, 4 REB, 6 AST, 0 STL, 3-9 FG, 2-5 3FG, 0-0 FT, 0 BLK, 2 TO, 10 +/-

What an incredibly tough player Fred is. His defense on Steph was awesome again tonight, and he found his way to some big shots.

Took an elbow to the face from Shaun Livingston in the fourth quarter and left the game, with it looking pretty bad, but after 7 stitches he was cleared to return and indications are that he’ll be okay going forward.

S. Ibaka22 MIN, 20 PTS, 4 REB, 1 AST, 0 STL, 9-12 FG, 1-1 3FG, 1-1 FT, 2 BLK, 1 TO, 9 +/-

Another massive game from Ibaka when the team desperately needed it. Hit his shots, protected the rim, and did everything they needed from him. His chemistry with Kyle Lowry in the pick and roll opened up the Warriors defense and created a lot of easy buckets.

N. Powell11 MIN, 0 PTS, 1 REB, 1 AST, 1 STL, 0-1 FG, 0-0 3FG, 0-0 FT, 0 BLK, 0 TO, 6 +/-

Norm had 11 quiet minutes tonight, and while he didn’t make his presence felt offensively, the team also didn’t lose those minutes which was critical in keeping other guys rested.

Nick Nurse

Seems to have all the answers for everything the Warriors are doing in this series, and it all seems to work. The box and 1 showed itself again in this game, and found success, and he had his team energized for the second half after a tough offensive first half in a tough building to win in. Deserves a lot of credit for the team being one win away from a title.

Things We Saw

  1. The Raptors are so resilient. They just stayed mentally tough and kept fighting back into the game and meeting the Warriors energy whenever it felt like this game can slip away, and that’s been their identity in these playoffs. It continues to hold true and has them up 3-1 in the Finals.
  2. The Raptors couldn’t buy a shot in the first half, but stayed close through defense and Kawhi’s excellence, and then the shots fell in the third quarter when they took over. The defense was the story though, holding the potent Warriors offense quiet which gave them that opportunity.
  3. One win away. Coming back home on Monday night with a chance to close out a title in Toronto. There is no bigger moment in the NBA, and it’s going to be tough to win that one, and it’s extremely likely the Warriors won’t let the Raptors get that fourth win easily.
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