All-Star Weekend

Pascal Siakam + The Skills Competition

In a field that featured a great group of multi-faceted bigs, and some underrated guards – Pascal Siakam finished 3rd place (I think).

Siakam was slated to open up his competition against the feisty Patrick Beverley. Beverley missed his first pass opportunity, and Siakam skated through the rest of the round. Even though Beverley attempted to thwart Siakam by getting in his way on the trek back from the layup line, Siakam evaded and made his way to the 3-point line for a make. Good stuff.

In the semi-finals he was slated against the eventual champion, Bam Adebayo. Both made the appropriate dribble moves and passes, as the contest came down to the 3-pointers. Both missed their first attempt, but Adebayo sank his second and sent Siakam to the sidelines.

This was truly a skills competition for the bigs, though. As the guards were swept in the opening round by their larger counterparts.

A fine enough start to All-Star Saturday Night.

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