All signs point to the NBA returning in late July

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It seems remarkably unimportant in light of bigger issues in the world, but news broke today that the NBA continues to march forward towards resuming play.

Per Marc Stein, the NBA is intent on resuming in late July. Twenty two teams will be invited to Walt Disney World Resort. They would play between six and eight regular season games, number varying by reporter, and then the playoffs would begin. Twenty two teams will be invited because that number includes every team within six games of a playoff spot. The playoffs would end by mid-October.

This is an early report, and both the team owners and the players’ association still have to vote on the proposal. Per Stein, the owners are expected to ratify the proposal, both because it increases revenue, and also because it fulfills a variety of requirements for individual teams’ television contract obligations. There is no word yet on how or why the NBA believes a return to play will be safe for player health.

Players like Jaylen Brown and Malcolm Brogdon have been leaders in organizing peaceful protests. Many others have marched. In fact, some players have stated that a return to play is a distraction from more important events.

It’s clear that there are far more decisions to be made. As team owners and players continue to vote on proposals, this is a changing situation. But signs so far point towards the NBA returning to finish the 2019-20 season.

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