Top 3 Raptors – 2007-08 Season


3. Anthony Parker, 82 GS, 12.5 pts, 4.1 reb, 2.2 ast

The best of the worst really, our other options at the 2/3 were Carlos Delfino, Joey Graham and Jason Kapono. We couldn’t afford not to play Parker because he was the only wing (perhaps Delfino on some nights) who wasn’t a liability on defense and could provide some offensive punch to help out Bosh.

2. Jose Calderon, 11.2 pts, 8.3 ast, 2.9 reb

The Ford/Calderon debates were at its peak throughout the season with no clear starter pushing through; TJ Ford had injuries so Calderon took the helm on most nights, and our point guard combo was billed as an advantage heading into the first-round matchup against Jameer Nelson’s Magic. We lost in five and Nelson tore us apart. It was Exhibit A on how regular season success means little even against minnows like the Magic.

1. Chris Bosh, 22.3 pts, 8.7 reb, 2.6 ast

You may recall this as the year Hedo Turkoglu burned us in the playoffs as Sam Mitchell decided to put Andrea Bargnani on him. That has little to do with Chris Bosh and the only reason I mention this is because Bosh had his own problems against another guy who liked to face up and shoot: Rashard Lewis.

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