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How our Top-125 Player Rankings project the 2020-21 Raptors – The Athletic

The Raptors earn the following CVORP points: Lowry (2.25), Siakam (2.25), VanVleet (1.25), Anunoby (1.25), Gasol (0.25) and Ibaka (0.25). That’s a total of 7.5 points, which would rank the Raptors 11th. It doesn’t make the rankings from John and Zach look so bad. In addition, three of those players are free agents and one only has one year left on his deal (and is not extension-eligible). Longer-term, Siakam and Anunoby would still be really nice pieces to be building with, but even if we assume a one-tier jump for each, that’s only a median level of CVORP; the Raptors either need to retain a few pieces longer-term, continue developing quality rotation players on the cheap or land another star-level player in trade or free agency. Ideally, they do several of those things.

Take the Antetokounmpo chase, for example. Seth’s analysis suggests that unloading Powell for additional space is effectively a non-factor for championship purposes, if we ignore some of the ancillary factors such a move might have. Adding Antetokounmpo to a core of Siakam, VanVleet and Anunoby would give the Raptors a top-six CVORP, and that would bump to top-two if even one of those three supporting players jumped a tier. If they all do, look out.

This exercise also highlights just how rare and difficult it is to find that window-opening type of talent, which helps colour why a low-percentage Antetokounmpo scenario is foremost on the minds of a lot of Raptors fans. If that isn’t feasible, potential trade targets like Victor Oladipo (4A), Bradley Beal (3B) or even a Joel Embiid (2B) become logical Plan Bs with the team’s next-window flexibility, they just pale compared to a 1A acquisition. Which we know, it just helps to see it laid out quantitatively and visually.

And really, that’s what Seth’s exercise was about. It’s not necessary to agree with each tiering and sub-grouping, and in fact, more than anything it’s a helpful baseline to have discussions from. So thank you to Seth for a very fun project that took an incredible amount of time, work and thought. If you’re going to bug someone about hating your team, please direct it at Zach instead.

Toronto Raptors TV ratings | HoopsHype

Average audience: 1.39 million (9.45 percent more than in 2018-19)
Average rating: 0.88 (4.44 percent more than in 2018-19)

Average audience: 2.06 million (69.62 percent less than in 2018-19)
Average rating: 1.23 (70.16 percent less than in 2018-19)