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Slim 25: Cyber Raps Series 1

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Goran Dragic options, trading for Ben Simmons, team’s identity and more – The Athletic

Dragic Kingdom (and other assorted trade talk)

Dragic seems destined to play elsewhere, do we move him or cut him? — Rob H.

Lots of questions about Goran Dragic, predictably. I’ll just say that as of now if they cut/bought out Dragic before the trade deadline, I’d be shocked. Even if he’s not “worth” his $19 million salary, they believe he can return something valuable for the Raptors’ retooling, and I believe they’re right.

If both Masai Ujiri and I turn out to be wrong, they can reach an agreement on a buyout after the deadline and save some money, which could be valuable in ducking the luxury tax. However, I don’t think it will come to that.

What is the logic behind a Goran Dragic buyout by the Raptors and in general why are teams facilitating them to help other teams fill out rosters for cheap (see Lakers or Nets)? — Andrew H.

I covered the first bit above, but the buyout is generally done for one of two reasons, and sometimes both: 1) to save some money; 2) to do a player/agent a solid, presenting your organization as a good one with which to do future business. We often forget that at the heart of it, the NBA is about relationships.

Take what the Pistons just did with DeAndre Jordan. That they acquired him for the Nets made enough sense: The Nets needed to cut down on their luxury tax bill, and they gave the Pistons four picks and more than $5 million to take on Jordan’s remaining two years and $20 million. Why would they buy him out instead of letting him remain a Piston? Well, I’ll refer you to my pal James Edwards.

The Pistons are not planning on winning this season, get a bit of a break on paying Jordan and do a respected veteran (and his power-broker agent, Jeff Schwartz) a favour, all while getting four second-rounders and some money to pay for the buyout in the first place? Seems like a tidy piece of business, doesn’t it?

If the Raptors move Dragic to Dallas, which young player do you want in return: Moses Brown, Josh Green or Jalen Brunson? — Mark V.

If I’m the Raptors, I’m probably ranking them: 1. Green; 2. Brown; 3. Brunson. To be clear, there’s a lot to like about all three, and Brunson is definitely the best player at the moment.

Pascal Siakam, Chris Boucher top second annual Raptors pressure index – The Athletic

2. Chris Boucher
A quick reminder: 151 games into his career, Chris Boucher has played a total of 2,436 regular-season minutes in the NBA, which is fewer than Julius Randle, RJ Barrett or Nikola Jokic played last season alone. If you’ve forgotten, last year was a shortened season.

So, yes, Boucher was very good in his first full year in the Raptors’ rotation, leading the team in win shares by a healthy margin. Yes, he bumped his 3-point percentage beyond 38, and pretty much lapped the field in blocks of 3-point attempts. Yes, he recovered from a lull in the season to show his utility, especially when relieved from the duties of banging with thicker players in the paint.

All of that can be dismissed rather easily under the “small sample size” heading if he slips up this year, leaving his status in the league unknown as he enters unrestricted free agency next summer, when he will be 29. With Siakam out to start the year, Boucher is the most obvious option to begin the year as his replacement in the starting lineup. Picking up where he left off last year against other teams’ best players will go a long way toward setting him up for a good season and a career-defining payday next summer.

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