Doctor Nurse’s Patience – Buckets & Tea NBA Show

Friend of the show Kris Myers returns to discuss NBA awards, Raptors playoff matchups, and more

Cathryn Naiker welcomes special guest Kris Myers to the show to discuss:

  • Re-analyzing the MVP race, and making a case for Devin Booker and Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • The Rookie of the Year race: Evan Mobley has been leading the pack all year, but is there room for Scottie Barnes and Cade Cunningham to make a last minute push?
  • A look at the Eastern Conference standings, and picking the best first round playoff matchup for the Raptors

In our Raptors Homer Moment, we talk about the return of Kyle Lowry and discuss what snacks we’ll prepare as our emotional eating support for the big moment. We also discuss Matt Devlin’s new ‘positive manifestation’ style of play by play, can he manifest awards for us?

Finally, in our Nick Nurse Hottie Moment, we talk about Nick’s love for reading (as featured in the Toronto Star) and give him the new nickname of Dr. Nurse.

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