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Conclusions & Cooking – Buckets & Tea NBA Show

Cathryn calls on Freddie Rivas and Lauren Mitchell to put a bow on the 2022 NBA Finals

On this week’s Buckets & Tea, guests Lauren Mitchell and Freddie Rivas join the podcast to discuss the Golden State Warriors becoming NBA champions yet again! The gang gives their thoughts on the Dubs’ latest title run, then address the “is Steph a top 10 player?” question, and why this type of conversation is inherently flawed. We also look at what both Boston and Golden State need to accomplish to end up in the Finals again next year.

Then, in our Raptors Homer Moment, we look ahead to free agency, specifically pending Raptors FAs Chris Boucher and Thaddeus Young. Will they resign in Toronto? If not, where could they be calling home next season?

Finally, in our Nick Nurse Hottie Highlight of the Week, we discuss Nick’s new shooting accuracy app.

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