Open Thread: 2022 NBA Draft

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Good morning! How goes it?

So we’ve got a few rumours flying about in regards to OG Anunoby so far. Jake Fischer and Chris Haynes have both reported that the Portland Trail Blazers are interested in acquiring him. Which, sure, he’s a great player. Not much to that rumour so far. My guess is that it’s just Portland leaking their interest in attempts to deflate the prices of their real targets — Jerami Grant, already acquired, and perhaps also John Collins.

More importantly, the Raptors have the 33rd pick in today’s draft! We at Raptors Republic have done a boatload of work and then some in preparation for it, breaking down the fit and game of every available prospect likely to go in that range (often breaking them down more than once each).

Here are your resources:

  • Brendan Stewart did some excellent scouting on draft candidates here, here, and here.
  • The Man they call Mac went solo on options here and then ran it back with a squad here.
  • Samson Folk did a trio of podcasts (as well as being part of Mac’s aforementioned squad) with Francis Adu here, Evin Gualberto here, and his own squad here.

For now, don’t stress about Anunoby. No plugged-in Raptors reporter has yet indicated the negotiations are serious. It looks like all the smoke is coming from Portland’s side, and they have plenty of reasons to be doing so whether or not the rumours are true. Other reports are Toronto wants to move up, some that they want to move down — basically, it’s draft day, and nobody knows anything.

Fun stuff.

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