Report: Ron Harper Jr. Agrees to Two-Way Deal with Raptors

Woj finally broke some Raptors news.

The player is excited:

What’s a Two-Way player you ask? Two-way contracts allow teams to carry two extra players in addition to the 15 on their regular season roster for a total of 17. These players can bounce between the NBA and G League, but cannot be poached by other teams. It’s like a protected G-League player.

With Yuta Watanabe, Justin Champagnie, David Johnson all restricted free-agents, the Raptors needed to shore up the wing spot and they’ve done so with a player who shot close to 40% from three point line in his final season. He’s got a good looking shot which he shoots with confidence and appears to be super aggressive on the break. The Raptors were left wanting all last year for a consistent shooting wing to emerge but other than Champagnie in some stretches, were disappointed. Big man defense and shooting wing were the two biggest needs this off-season and the Raptors have attempted to address both, albeit both players are unproven.

Here’s a highlight pack to give you a taste:

He are his overall stats:

Harper is a Filipino-American and the son of Ron Harper, the former Bull and Clipper who served as a defensive specialist alongside Michael Jordan in the Bulls’ second three-peat after being a consistent scorer with the Clippers (back when they were the Clipjoint), so basketball pedigree is in the blood. Welcome, Ron.