Live Raptors Talk: Tuesday, Nov 29 @ Rivoli Toronto

Come hang out at Rivoli for live Raptors talk and a special recording of The Rapcast with Louis, Katie, Samson, Oren, Andrew and more.

Raptors Republic is excited to announce a live podcast recording on November 29 at Rivoli Toronto (Queen & Spadina). Come spend some time with the community as we talk Raptors, the youth movement, what the future holds, the championship and swoon about the future (Scottie Barnes, GOAT). 

The panel will include Samson Folk, Katie Heindl, Oren Weisfeld, Andrew Damelin, Louis Zatzman, and some special surprise guest(s) live Q&A! You won’t find a better night to talk Raptors basketball anywhere. On top of the conversation, there will be exclusive Raptors Republic merchandise, raffles, free stuff, and all sorts of excitement. Can’t miss this stuff.

Tickets cost $20 and include a free drink on Raptors Republic. Priority ticket sales will go to All-Star subscribers who get a 50% discount! (promo codes emailed to you)

Click here to buy tickets!

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