Along with Poeltl Comes Some Hope – Confederacy of Dunks

This week, we're evaluating the trade deadline and potential playoff push, branding some new nicknames for some Raptor duos, crowning the winner of the deadline and more!

Season 10, Episode 278

RAPTORS: We were prepared to say goodbye to some big pieces, but it looks like that might be delayed. Poeltl returns for his second stint with the Raptors and the team has their bona fide big. Has the season gone from write-off to playoff push?

Spice & Dice, Yak & Skills… what other duos on the Raptors needs a nickname, and why does the AI think Kyle Lowry and Gary Trent have the same last name?

NBA: Let’s put it plainly. Although quite obvious, which team won the NBA trade deadline? Which role player that got moved will have the greatest impact on their new team?

Special guests this week are Ned Petrie and Chelsea Leite!

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