Finding Another Gear – Confederacy of Dunks

On this episode, we talk Raps finding another gear with Poeltl, play-in Bingo, confusing teams and exciting playoff matchups.

Season 10, Episode 282

First up, the Raptors are clearly playing better basketball since acquiring Poeltl, but the question remains: does this team have another gear in them this season?

Next, we’ll be sharing ideas for a Raptors Bingo game to liven up your potential play-in viewing. What items will be on the bingo board?

Moving on, with only 10 games left in the regular season, there are still some teams that leave us scratching our heads. Who is the team you still don’t understand, and what are their chances of making the playoffs?

Finally, it may be a bit early to start talking about the playoffs, but we can’t help but wonder: what is the playoff series we most want to see? We’ll be discussing some of our dream matchups and what we think the outcome would be.

With Sean Woodley and Dan Galea!

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