Toronto Raptors waive guard Joe Wieskamp

After a disappointing Summer League for the shooter, the Raptors waive Joe Wieskamp.

Ahead of Joe Wieskamp’s contract for 2023-24 guaranteeing, the Toronto Raptors announced that they have waived him.

Wieskamp is a shooting specialist, but he connected on only 3 of his 12 attempted triples last season with the Raptors. And in Summer League, he shot 27.3 percent — little better. It’s a tough business when you’re judged on such a small sample size, which could very well not be indicative of your ability, but such is life for end-of-bench NBA players. Wieskamp didn’t show great ability to create open jumpers either and was left quite frequently taking difficult jumpers with little space. On the plus side, he was great at creating free throws, but for a sophomore player in Summer League, the Raptors decided it wasn’t enough.

With Wieskamp waived, the Raptors are now at 14 players on a 15-man roster, not including two-ways. It’s not clear whether Toronto will sign someone to fill the roster or whether the team will roll with the added flexibility and cost-saving measures of simply rostering 14.