Quick Reaction: Raptors 106, Bulls 102

Toronto stays undefeated in preseason action after a close win over Chicago

No graphic generator again, so old school method.

Anunoby – B – Og had some strong defensive possessions, and also moved the ball well, got to the line a good amount as well.

Siakam – A – Pascal had an extremely efficient night, shooting 72.7% and he diced up Chicago from all over the floor, but really showed his dominance in the paint tonight. Managed to show off his two way prowess with three steals as well.

Boucher – C – Tough game for Boucher offensively but on the defensive end he made his presence felt before he ultimately fouled out of the game. 

Barnes – A – Scottie was a force protecting the rim tonight, garnering four blocks early on in this game. He also punished Chicago from multiple areas on the floor and really made his size be felt tonight. Looked very decisive tonight.

Schroder – B – Really love the way Dennis can just turn on the jets and turn the corner on defenders at the point-of-attack, his rim pressure is going to be crucial for Toronto and he gave us a taste of that tonight.

Trent jr. – B – Great playmaking chops from Trent tonight, he also showed off his lethal jumpsuit with three made triples on the night, He sure would like to have the transition dunk back though.

Young – C+ – Thad got a patented hook shoot to go tonight and got the rest of his points from the free throw line, multiple sloppy turnovers and wasn’t a force on the glass but a fine game from the veteran.

Dick – B – Gradey has done well with making quick decisions as soon as the ball touches his hands, his willingness to move off of the three point line was good and he even got to the free throw line. He also cashed a triple which we hope to see more of this season!  

Flynn – C+ – Rough night for Malachi as he couldn’t get any jumpers to fall, had some good looks but just couldn’t get em to go down, made some nice defensive plays and a couple free throws down the stretch, which aided the win.

Freeman-Liberty – B –  Loved the tenacity on the glass from, he’s also a pretty strong driver.

Gueye – B – Looked solid after a couple of trips to the free throw line late in the game. 

McDaniels – A – Really nice defensive game from Jmac tonight, he was glued to guys around screens and had some nice recoveries around the rim tonight, his defense will be impactful off the bench moving forward for sure!

Rakakovic – A – Love to see him let the starters loose for one of the final preseason games, also I thought he showed a lot of trust in Jmac with the matchups he gave him throughout the game.

Things I saw:

1 – The starters ran a bit long tonight which is probably in preparation for the season opener next week.

2 – Scottie moved very well defensively in this game, took full advantage of his size and length to alter and block many shots.. 

3 –This will be my second season with RaptorsRepublic and I want to say I can’t wait to provide more Raptors coverage for you all and thank you for reading, watching, and listening to anything me and my colleagues put out for you.