Raptors Republic Commenters Predict the Season

It's prediction time!

Part of what makes Raptors Republic so great is the active, insightful, and at times, wild comment sections and the commenters who occupy and maraud them. A wonderful member of the community Done deal has been collecting win predictions over the years, and this season I wanted there to be a place where these predictions were immortalized. All of this is because of Done deal’s work, and everything from here on out are his words.

Done deal:

Below are the final predictions for everyone who threw their hat in the ring.

97 predictions in total. Average crowdsourced prediction of 45.28 wins. Most common prediction was 46 wins (13 people), followed by 44 (11), then 45 (10).

Good luck to all, go Raps!

59-23: Kejben
55-27: Don
54-28: Michael Coupland
53-29: Nardulus, Donnicles
52-30: Robin, miro, ZH
51-31: bherbs, TheJ, artreddin
50-32: Mark boothe, MoPeteRules, MZZ, kg21tmac1, Mike$, Mdougy, Bobby Bonds #25

49-33: Sir-Swish-A-Lot, Mera Jaal, Dr Scooby, Mike C,
48-34: Repeat, Matt Martinuzzi, diggs, CJT, Raf, Suspencer, Barney&Dick
47-35: Done deal, wrooster, Prof. Smith, The Wise Outlaw, Wild-ling #1, Sparktron, Pronghorn
46-36: jk1m, DC, Murray, Frankthetank007, Maputo88, Marcus Lebishop, Ds, cease and sekkle, KeonClarkFanClub, Oran, ghotte, WarriorPriest, Will
45-37: Sean, RonnyRaptor (aka Omi), howAbout, Jo6ix, Eoraptor, Raptors Logic, Chilango, Raptors/BlueJays, Leapdreams, raptortruther
44-38: BoxandOne, Sepoopoo, Derek, 6ixHill, Fan, K M, Pstew, Raps4ever, TheSpiceTyrant, kuzzybear, Dunkenstein
43-39: Cravenboy, Salami & Cheese, Northman, Ice Cold Jacob Brrrtl, moremilk, Wasabi Jones,
42-40: d_1212, LD, dumplingzzz mastezz, ikonn
41-41: Discussion, MrTonic, douac9,

40-42: Mister Ree, Adam Finn,
39-43: moderate_observer, Dayvo_nnC1, PyGuy123,
38-44: BTV, MNF
37-45: GrumpyOldMan
36-46: John S. MacDonald, Euro ball
35-47: RYE, Clipse
34-38: Schwing and a miss
32-50: ramed nazored

Once again, huge thank you to Done deal. Personally, I’m hoping Kejben is correct at 59-23 (I imagine all of us are hoping for that).

Have a blessed day.